This chart was drawn several days ago when we broke down from the green pennant to 52 cents. I was only fooling around with the chart and didn't possibly think it was right, but there do appear to be some confluences. anyone that could provide insights or tell me how stupid I am for thinking this pennant could be correct I would appreciate it. I'm new to charting and I'm pretty sure this cannot be right. because if its a measured move it's targeting up to 90 cents and down to 26 cents. I doubt we could get below the support at 34 cents but the charts seem to always fool everyone.
Trade closed: stop reached: well this chart is either invalidated or we broke down. in any case. i failed. LOL. noob. i'm not mad. downward trending channel is most likely. waiting for the launch. we are oversold on every chart except the weekly. i'm hoping for a bounce soon. i'll be trading it as it happens.


Congrats on your stupid trade, idiot 👌🏼