xrp will crash in coming weeks

Xrp is at a major decision point at this point, there is a major support line established from 2017. I believe this will break down in weeks. The blue line here is the open shorts on bitfinex. As the bear market continues, we can see the shorts interest is growing through time. There are certain times, whale will do the short squeeze to bring the price up, xrp manipulation is insane (because ripple company is selling xrp every month, pumping the price is of their interest). Currently, the bear market is certainly not over, looking at the sentiment on twitter , people are still excited about $200 move in bitcoin , btt is still doing 10x from ico . Thie bear markets ends with high btc market dominance, the only way to achieve it from the big drop of these big cap altcoins, eth and xrp. Whale has no more shorts to squeeze now, as the open short is quite low at this point.