XRPUSDT 4h XRP price behaves strongly on an uncertain market

A month and a half ago, we published a global idea for a pair XRPUSDT, please familiarize yourself with it, because it is working.

Then the price behavior of XRPUSD and BTCUSDT was similar, but now they are different.
While the BTC price is thinking about renewing the minimum or not, the XRPUSDT price is trading +25% above the minimum recorded in June 2022.
That is, the XRP buyers show that they are strong, despite tomorrow's meeting of the Fed and the totally negative sentiments of the participants of the cryptocurrency and stock markets.

There will definitely be increased volatility in the market tomorrow.
If you used our thoughts from the previous XRPUSDT idea, then place a break-even stop at a position around $0.330, and you will be lucky)
Holding a XRPUSDT position if the price is able to consolidate below $0.330 can be dangerous for your deposit.

And now the bonus
if you want to hear our thoughts on tomorrow's Fed meeting, what will happen with the rate and how it may affect the cryptocurrency market, then subscribe to us on Tradingview.

Early tomorrow morning, we will publish an idea on the BTCUSDT chart, and in the description we will write our thoughts about the meeting of the Fed and how the change in the rate can affect the cryptocurrency market.
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