Can XRP Move Against The Market?

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Yes it can!

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➖ We know that XRP peaked July 2023.
➖ We know that Bitcoin peaked March 2024.
➖ We know many Altcoins peaked December 2023 and other variations.

➖ We know all these are completely different cycles...

So, each pair tend to produce a bullish wave every 8-10 months.
Counting to present day since July, we are looking at 11 months correction/consolidation and thus we can argue that XRPs next bullish wave is already overdue.

Now, these bullish waves are not all the same.
We have recovery waves, upwards corrections, medium-sized bullish waves as well as bull-markets that end up in a massive bull-run.

You know where this is leading?
This is not just a normal bullish wave that we are entering but the start of a major bullish cycle that can end in a new ...

I will share bits of info/data/knowledge on each trade idea ... Make sure to read all the trade ideas I share regardless of the pair because the information is always spread all throughout. If you read all the trade ideas, you can get my full perspective of the charts. This perspective doesn't necessarily need to be right, or wrong, but it is 100% original based on technical analyses, intuition and a few other factors such as market sentiment and readers/followers behaviour.

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Small price swings will not change bigger picture, broader perspective.
As long as prices remain within the triangle, the project is for a bullish wave to follow.

Even if there is a sudden crash or shakeout, this would only strengthens the possibility of a major bullish wave.

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