XRP-USD is the rally top yet ?

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After a massy rally, ripple is in consolidation phase now.
So the real question is whether ripple is top yet ?

The answer is :
-if we break and close below 0.4895, then YES ripple is top out already for this rally
-if not, then we will go up much higher again after consolidation. And the signal for it is the close above 0.625

Basing on ripple's past rally characteristics, 80% chance we are not at top yet and more will come.

Goodluck to everyone. This is not financial advise

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Comment: this is the rally characteristics in April
Comment: Feb rally
Comment: December rally
Comment: In addition, ripple 's big rally usually last 2 or more weeks
Comment: actually, there are more characteristics from ripple's past big rally shows that we still have more to come :)
Comment: with current market 's condition, I will say that Monday and Tuesday will give us hint whether the market will go up or down for entire week.
Comment: good area to consider to go long with part of principle
Trade active: Open order
Comment: I strongly believe the current pullback is to create a bottom wick for weekly candle.
Comment: the situation will look bad if we don't end up with a wick during closing today's candle
Comment: 54 more minutes
Trade closed manually
Comment: if 0.618 can't hold, we might see 0.786. Thing starts looking like pump and dump
Comment: btc 6500$ should hold. If not, bloodbath will happen everywhere
Comment: For xrp, we have dipped below moving average. Right now we seem to pause at 0.618 fib. Honestly the situation looks pretty bad. If we can't break above moving average during upcoming bounce, we will continue on going lower. It is something to take note at
Comment: this is really scary. I hope btc will make a U turn soon. Why ? we are in triangle consolidation but the buy side can't even reach resistances 2 time now. In order to make situation to look better for bull, price shouldn't reach support line before making U turn. If not, thing will start favoring bear and we will have very high chance to break down of equilibrium instead of UP >><<
Comment: I hope we won't have a cold winter in 2018 T__T
Comment: bull div on 1hr for xrp . Same for Bitcoin too. Finnally T____T
Comment: According to alt-market cap chart, previous retracement to 0.618 fib. Right now , we also made another 0.618 fib retracement and start recovering. If we can retrace ABOVE 0.618 fib, I will say that we can expect bitcoin and alts to continue on going up

Plz check above chart
Comment: this is bitcoin's chart, same retracement level 0.786fib
bull still has hope if we have strong recover up

FIGHTING mr . Bull ^__^
Comment: Oct 1-2nd, big conference of XRP in San Francisco with the attention of previous president Bill Clinton. I hope xrp's price won't make us to feel ashame at Ripple during that time ^__^
Comment: current daily candle on xrp looks so freaking nice. A bullish candle pattern. Well, we can't feel optimistic yet because btc still hasn't made its move yet but 0.786 fib seems holding nicely so far. Until xrp 's price stays and holds above moving average in 4hr chart, we can feel safe to expect on continuing up.
Comment: 44 minutes more to close daily candle. If we can hold at the current price, it will be a very bullish signal
Comment: im speechless at xrp. Lol, the xrp 's market makers truly have big funds. They can move the market up and down like nothing . ^___^. This is the message they are giving " HEY Ethereum, we are coming for your 2nd spot this time for REAL, not just a short moment"
Comment: xrp has now been back to lead the crypto space like last week. So I think we can expect btc will start recovering soon and try to fight again its upper triangle resistance.
Trade active
Comment: bull shows strong rejection at 0.492. If today's daily candle closes below it, then we are really in trouble. Bitcoin still shows weakness and drag everything down
Comment: the strong recover got rejected at 200 MA on 30 minute chart. As you can see on the chart, the rally got triggered when we stayed above 200 MA. Right now we are still below it. So in order to be back in uptrend, we should stay above 200 MA again .
Comment: So if we can close above 0.492, then nothing to be worry with this current recover. We might form a bull flag or stay consolidation to go higher
Comment: but for the real bull to start, we need to close above 200 MA on 30 minute chart
Comment: very nice, 200 MA is holding support. We will go up much higher. This is also one of the best place to have buy order
Comment: so we broke out but then got pulled back to below 200 MA again. That shows weakness. No matter how much I want xrp to go up but we can't ignore the bear scene. If we drop below 0.485, bear has more favor
Comment: what I mean is that " always be prepared for the worst even though we want the coin to go up :) "
Comment: breaking out of the diagonal resistance line is the first step. Then next step we need to go above the horizontal resistance line to prevent possible Head and Shoulder pattern
Comment: 3 targets to consider at taking profit . Of course, depending on how btc 's movement is too :). I am 80% bull for crypto space now because of a lot bullish hints from multiple coins charts /news/events
Comment: coins' movement are getting tighter and tighter. We should have decisive move soon. XRP has touched support line again
Comment: we are in exactly the same situation as last week. Same consolidation . However, the pattern of last week was more bearish than the current one. If we can hold the MA200, we will go up much higher. The current 1hr doji has made things to look much better. Dip is bought. We still can't conclude too early.
Comment: if we can make higher high and go above 0.55, bull is in favor
Comment: go above 0.57, then bull is confirmed
Comment: potential ascending triangle on bitcoin IF UPTREND line holds. If not, bloodbath everywhere
Comment: PRAYING …...
Comment: right now coins are just following btc's movement. if xrp can break 0.622, it might be the time for it to run independently from bitcoin for 1-2 days.
Comment: next week is the start of new month. Bitcoin and altcoins will give us the answer of heading up or down direction for next few months. Pay attention to next week. An important week
Comment: if u trade crypto, this upcoming week should be a non-sleeping week. You will see big violatation
Comment: if xrp can break 0.62 , I think it will break 0.77 previous high too . Of course we might have some pause there. Why ? breaking 0.62 will signal that btc will break up , then you will know what will happen next :)).
Comment: no red flag so far :)
Comment: people are hoping xrp to dump on news (conference) tomorrow. I am seeing right now that xrp is following btc's price. So unless btc dumps, xrp won't drop much
Comment: as long as we stay above 0.557$, bull is still in favor.
Comment: bitcoin 's quick dump has lead to xrp's dump and the expected sell on the news of xrp's conference too. If it is really sell-on-news, then it is pretty weak dump. And it looks more like a consolidation . In my opinion, xrp's price is still following btc's price now. The positive thing is that we still hold strongly at the MA200 on 1hr which indicates bull territory if you look at the entire rally .

However, we can't ignore the bear for further drop. IF we can't go above 12 EMA on 1hr , chance to drop lower will be high.
Right now price is moving between 200MA and 12EMA in tight range, so we should get the answer within next few hours.

what should we do? - drop below 200MA then bear.
- 200MA then neutral bull
- go above 12EMA again then bull starts
Trade closed manually: closing for Luck :))
Comment: monitoring xrp's price closely. we MIGHT be in a bear flag like last time. However, this time is more bullish than last time because we have buv div on MACD . Last time we didnt' have any div during dropping. Overall, if price can't go above EMA 12/26, chance for dropping lower is still there. And IF price drops BELOW MA 100, then we will drop much further and we will revisit 0.44$. So pray for price to go above EMA 12/26 if you are bull or hold above MA100 >><<

Comment: even though people still think bear on xrp , i see bullish signs on xrp. This might just be an attempt for higher low on 4hr chart. Look at the volume from this dump and the previous dump to compare for yourself
Comment: btc is officially commodity. All I see is moon for bitcoin in Q4
Comment: I know we are all getting nervous from yesterday's dump and saw a lot of tradingview users to start posting short trades :). If you follow people a long time, you will realize that people constantly change their opinions. So it is better to use other opinions as reference only and stick to your own decision. Thing is getting better , guys :)
Comment: xrp has been back to be the top 1 coin recovering the most among top coins. So if btc breaks up out of triangle, xrp will give more gain. This is the answer to dr34man :)
Comment: up to this point. I think everyone has already known that which side I am leaning on.
all I see is bull rallies for alts in October and November.
Comment: haven't updated for a while because this is the time for buying dips and hold. Don't let other people trick you about dropping . We will go up hard in late October and November. However, you are welcome to wait for the drop :)
Comment: last week, 1st date of the week is red, then xrp starts going up
this week, 1st date of the week is red. Today is second date and we are above the upper triangle :)
Comment: bounce up exactly at support
Comment: can't take out the possible of sideway range for 1 or 2 weeks if we look at xrp's past characteristic
Comment: more like accumulation and be ready to explode.
Rumor says that Bakk will get approved by regulators to have bitcoin future next week. And Bakk will launch on Dec 12nd.
Next week will be also the start of new month candle.

So what ?
obvious path = pump on November

the current WIN/LOSS ratio favors the bull a lot.
Comment: still in range. XRP is very boring now. It is waiting for BTC's signal
my thought is that November 5th :)
Comment: not much to update here but thing looks more bullish than bearish . Still in range :)
expect breaking up next week candle
Comment: you may have noticed that I have been whining a lot about XRP. YES, because XRP has lost the alt leader position. Few weeks ago, it usually pumped first and big profit gain. Right now it is LTC and DASH
Comment: if you observe carefully, right now xrp/usd 's movement is very similar to BCH/usd's movement but in a smaller scale. xrp moves 1%, bch moves x4 times
Comment: thanks god that's xrp's movement doesn't bch's movement anymore. We are at the top of the consolidation range. This is just the first date of the week. Pretty good start. But such a slow turtle xrp …..
Comment: smiling :)
Comment: this is what I see for THIS week candle. Either we have top already and will trade above the break out line. Or we still have more steam to test the top of the channel then do a small pullback to end the week
Comment: look like we have completed wave 1 and are doing wave 2.
I hope xrp will recover back above 0.52 during this weekend to signal break out on weekly chart
Comment: I will be very bullish on xrp if we close weekly candle above 0.52
Comment: best outcome we can ask for :).

break out last week but got pulled back . Now we start breaking out again
Comment: opp wrong chart from XLM :))
so buy more btc or xrp?
@dr34man, there is no more event for xrp. It is following btc's direction now until we have a clear breakout. A bear div on 1 day chart for xrp too. The coin might pullback temporary and move slowly now. My expectation now for xrp will be up when btc is up, down when btc is down. So it is better to find stronger coins to play
SamHuynh SamHuynh
about the question buy xrp or btc now, well we need to see which coin moves stronger in percentage wise first.
SamHuynh SamHuynh
and i don't expect xrp to dump unless btc dumps. XRP only consolidates in range now
so take profit at $1 at next target?
@dr34man, ideally . Depending on how strong or weak the fomo is. We might not reach or reach or pass the 1$. Pretty much it is just an outline target. No way to predict future price until we see how price moves
do we expect wave3 soon?
@timpham, can't tell exactly but should be within this week.
dr34man SamHuynh
@SamHuynh, Lets wait for the Korean to wake up and fomo in, Monday is their holiday and we see the volume went down significantly.
@dr34man, we are just at the first day of the week. Not much information we can conclude here. However, this current area is a good accumulation zone
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