XRP Could be in trouble

We have had 2 successful breakouts in this most recent run
And the third formed a local top
We can see this has formed a bear flag , which the downward move was 40% into it
And a 40% move down would put us at the very strong S/R of 0. 40
Numbers seem all too confluent to be true
However, if we leave this flag I would expect a similar move, maybe it gets supports at 0.46ish though proving very strong on the recent dip
TP targets should be relatively close due to volatility and high fundamental support so the market could switch, get that SL to break even ASAP!!!
Wait for break down, then move back towards bottom trendline of bear flag to enter!


What is your price prediction for the end of 2021? Thanks!
InvestmentsHub gmnowotarski
@gmnowotarski, end of 2021 or 2020? I think in short term, coming to end of 2020 we hard bounce at 0.46 and push on well from there all things being equal
i thought a bear flag had to have a pole. and you are disregarding the giant break out. but it dose look like a definite support line is about to be broken. thanks for the idea.
@bigtig011, dont worry
It gained more than 100% in just two weeks. What goes up has to come down. Thanks for your advice to exit.
@How2FixIt, don't worry dude, played well so far
@How2FixIt, we made great plays, I'd now be looking to set some bids just below the 0.46 region dude, try snipe some coins!!!