XRP/USDT Technical Analysis


I have been very bullish about XRP since it dropped because of the SEC lawsuit. Although the lawsuit is not over, I already know the outcome for XRP, which is a victory. The community will not allow it to be deemed security, neither will ripple itself. A lot of people were quick to forget about XRP and call it a pointless coin. However, people are ignoring it is within everyone's best interest; XRP wins the lawsuit because if they are considered a security token, many tokens will be deemed a security too. This means you are likely invested in a token that can be viewed as a security token if XRP is.

But let's get down to the graph. I expect to see some consolidation or correction just because the price has been rising so much and pumping so much. A correction is because I'm comparing XRP with the rise in the price of Dent Coin, as we are now starting to see Dent coins price drop as it is beginning to correct, which is natural, so it is a matter of time before XRP does the same. I'm still optimistic that XRP will break its all-time high soon even if it doesn't consolidate or correct, especially since BTC and ETH have already beaten their previous all-time highs. With each and every good news we are getting, we see a pump, so bring on the good news.

Personally, I think the whole lawsuit is a waste of time; it is stopping XRPs growth substantially. However, we have started to see the volume pick up, and XRP has been reported to be worth more now than it was before the SEC lawsuit, which is a good sign.

But what do you guys think XRP TO THE MOON🚀? Also, what coin should I do next?