XRPUSDT. The Great Depression!! Charting as fly so high

Hey Guys,
Its Pigeon feed time!
It's your Tri-polar Pigeon here!! I am seeing an ending diagonal in a C wave. The contracting triangle is respecting the blue R/S lines in this 3-3-3-3-3 structure ( ending diagonal rules apply) where wave 1 tends to be the longest and wave 5 the shortest.

I am seeing a top of this wave around 0.194-0.198 from Elliot Wave analysis , Fibonacci confluence and old resistance at this level. (look left!)
Much above this level and we trigger bullish pivots higher which will occur at a later stage following a correction.

From c.0.195 we could start wave 5 down (in 5 waves) to 0.03-0.06 range. Yes that's right the great depression is here and will see money leave this space as investors risk off risky and volatile markets and we all know how Crypto is! This will give the wealthy the opportunity to accumulate cheap Crypto ready for the next bull cycle.

If blue line are not respected or pivots wicked i will re-evaluate count. Data is prone to change and there always multiple scenarios possible! Remember Pigeons are friendly, Hawks are predators and pray on the weak! I am the master of the skies charting as I fly, crushing this bear market better then a 2 tonne man on a tuna can! #Pigeonfeed