XRP/USDT 1H Interval Review

I invite you to review the chart of XRP paired with USDT. First of all, we will use the blue lines to mark the downward trend channel from which the price emerged at the top, which is important that the exit from the channel was based on an increase similar to the height of the downward channel itself. Currently, it can be seen that the price is moving along a local upward trend line, with three resistance points visible.

It is worth mentioning that XRP is one of the few that stays above the blue 200 moving average line, and therefore remains in an upward trend.

Going further, we can move on to marking places of support when the recovery begins to deepen. And here you can see that the price remained in the support zone from $0.51 to $0.50, but it is still worth defining a second, similar strong zone from $0.48 to $0.47.

Looking the other way, we see that the price has been rejected from the resistance zone from $0.515 to $0.53, only when we manage to break out of it, we will see an attempt to increase towards the resistance level at $0.55.

Please look at the CHOP index, which indicates that we still have a lot of energy to make a move, on RSI we are staying around the middle of the range, but adding the STOCH indicator to this, we have a visible rebound when we cross the upper limit in order to gather new energy for the move.