XRP to 6$ and beyond

Hello XRP Friends,
this is my first public XRP chart so if you find this useful, show some love.
I believe XRP is headed to 6 / 7 $ ( short term ).
If everything highlighted in the chart aligns - end of August should be the right date for target to be reached.
Considering PoW crackdown and green agenda being pushed everywhere:
Long term i'm looking at $100+ / XRP.

Time will tell.
Comment: this is not financial advice.
Comment: Looks like summer solstice gifted us a massive selloff in crypto. TBH i found an old chart i've made a few months ago indicating that the 21st of June should be sell day. According to that historical data, we should have a month of "bullish" activity on crypto. Since yesterday we didn't broke out to higher levels, I would look to sell the market near 20/21 Of July.
My 2 cents is this was the bottom for now.
Comment: as i was saying yesterday, i'm bull on XRP and i still believe the timing indicated in this chart is right, i'm not so sure about prices anymore. I'll keep you guys updated when something will make sense.


Doge? Please don't put Doge and XRP on the same level. :)
besides dodge, XRP is another one - i'm looking for.
I’m also waiting for 6 dollars
kripti KaisriAnantaporn
@KaisriAnantaporn, this is only the beginning.