XRP/USD Nine days until SEC-XRP's two-year anniversary!

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Logarithm. The time frame is 3 days.

Today is the 13th day, 9 days left to 22 12 2022 (13) the two-year anniversary of the XRP-SEC imitation tale.

The price is now 0.38 (average sideways price of 216 days (7.2 months).

XRP/USD Main trend

XRP/USD Main trend (part) Triangle
Nothing in particular has changed. Price in the channel range. Local downward movement to the support level of 0.316.

Less than two days left of the two-year anniversary of the SEC-XRP court. Will there be statements, fairy tales, etc. for the entertainment of the (correct word) crowds in connection with this “date”? FUD will be positive, negative or nothing?)
Also, today 2 01 2023 300,000,000 and 400,000,000 #XRP blocked in escrow
This is how the chart and the sideways zone look like on the 1-day timeframe. The percentages from this zone and from other potential shows, however, all as before nothing has changed.

Note that this squeeze of -10.69% under the support at 0.316 took place on the 237th day of this channel. Locally on the 1h time frame there is a significant increase in buyer volume at the moment.

I wrote about 237 and its variations in detail earlier. Do you still believe in coincidence or abstract market strength?
Time frame 1 hour. Local increase in volume after a squeeze
+19% after resetting stopLoss to secondary trend resistance (red). A secondary trend reversal may occur. Important local dates on the chart. In such zones, stops will be taken out. It is rational to work from the average set/discard price, taking into account risks.
273 days sideways.

Coin, which showed the smallest profit in January (lagging behind the market) +24% (remember only BTC local consolidation zone +40% from resistance (not lows). Why do you think so?

Percentages of the key local areas are shown on the chart. Just a reminder that in March the adoption of ISO20022 (allegedly by the ECB on March 20) officially.
Trading situation now. The price is still in the accumulation zone of 314 days at the meridian of the horizontal channel. Today is 20 03 2023, supposedly on this day SWIFT planned to introduce officially the standard ISO20022

22 03 2023 is one of the most important days for all markets in months. Fed interest rate meeting (expensive/low money). Just a reminder, the money printing conveyor belt has already been on for over 1 week.
+31% to the 0.5106 intermediate level zone (not important). There is a breakdown of the resistance level of the accumulation channel 0.4496. Local rollback to it. Soon there will be news with the "court".

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