XRP cup and handle breakout imminent

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Wohoo friday! Get the drinks out! Where the lady's at? What a week we've had, so happy that the weekend is here! Oh my manager is such an idiot, I don't understand how (s)he got into this position .. "Yes I know, i feel you". Let's just celebrate the weekend. Yes, let's do that.


5 days of labor, 2 days of rest. Which highly skilled salesperson sold this idea. (S)he should be director.


We are looking at the 1 hour chart of XRP/USDT

A bullish cup and handle has formed. A breakout would be fun to watch.


In our last XRP analysis, we briefly talked about what effect a lawsuits could have on thoughts and emotions on the XRP group. We came op with the slogan "XRP has waited long enough".

In the "real world", also called (external) reality, the XRP group started a petition with the slogan "End the war on XRP". Pretty much the same intensity and emotional feeling.

General theory of reflexivity:

Reflexivity theory states that investors don't base their decisions on reality, but rather on their perceptions of reality instead. The actions that result from these perceptions have an impact on reality, or fundamentals, which then affects investors' perceptions and thus prices.

Could the reflex cause the following headline: "XRP broke it's all time high".

Who knows .. "I just go where the trade winds blows"

Cheers everyone!

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don't share your stupid ideas when you clearly don't know how to analyze. cup pattern can't be shorter than 7 weeks
Aroundthesun Helper_Ustad
@Helper_Ustad, Thanks for your help, helper! However, you are wrong.
dabeastalen Helper_Ustad
@Helper_Ustad, who told you that?