$XSPA - The Beginning of Something Beautiful

NASDAQ:XSPA   XpresSpa Group, Inc
XSPA is in it's first LT uptrend since 2016. Hard to believe how little this one is talked about. Let me explain the opportunity here...

1. Highly shorted stock
2. Many instutional investors started going long since beginning of the year - Vanguard, MS to name a few, and the majority of them are at cost basis around this price.
3. Fundamentally, the business model is sound. XSPA banks revenue off a management fee that it charges the medical practice that it contracts to perform various tests, and vaccines. Given that information, and the fact that millions will be travelling to and from the US this year, this will add about $100 million in revenue easy once they establish covid-testing checkpoints in all 60 biggest airports in the US, and they're rapidly expanding. so that will likely happen by next year. The point is, it's very undervalued.
4. Technically, there is a mini double-bottom forming over the last few days. LT - Bullish pennant formation.

Any funding they receive will only be a plus, but not required to make this one rocket.

PT: $8 by mid-April

Should see a pop today, and then some action around 03/ 05 . Buy the dips.