NASDAQ:XSPA   XpresSpa Group, Inc
XSPA 2021 review 4hr chart: H $3.70 L $1.15, XpresSpa Group Announces New Agreement with Hawaiian Airlines and the State of Hawaii as a Trusted Partner for COVID-19 Testing with XpresCheck Testing Facilities. (3/5/21)

breakout = $2.11
R3 = $2.03
R2 = $1.95
R1 = $1.87
pivot = $1.80
S1 = $1.74
S2 = $1.66
S3 = $1.59
breakdown = $1.52

Do your own due diligence, your risk is 100% your responsibility. You win some or you learn some. Consider being charitable with some of your profit to help humankind. Small incremental steps work : If you double a penny a day for a month it = $5,368,709. Good luck and happy trading friends...

*3x lucky 7s of trading*

7pt Trading compass:
Price action, entry/exit
Volume average/direction
Trend, patterns, momentum
Newsworthy current events
Balance sheet

7 Common mistakes:
+5% portfolio trades, risk management
Beware of analysts motives
Emotions & Opinions
FOMO : bad timing
Lack of planning & discipline
Forgetting restraint
Obdurate repetitive errors, no adaptation

7 Important tools:
Trading View app!, Brokerage UI
Accurate indicators & settings
Wide screen monitor/s
Trading log (pencil & graph paper)
Big organized desk
Reading books, playing chess
Sorted watch-list

Checkout my indicators:
Fibonacci VIP - volume
Fibonacci MA7 - price
pi RSI - trend momentum
TTC - trend channel
AlertiT - notification