XTZ Continuing To Explode!!

BINANCE:XTZBTC   Tezos / Bitcoin
As i talked about on August 17th i was saying how XTZ is looking like its about to breakout against BTC and we nailed that perfectly! That TA was put out when Price action was still in the descending channel! And we are looking super bullish still with XTZ outperforming majority of the market right now, we wicked upto about the 1 FIB level which is our most recent high from around May, we are actually currently pushing above the 0.7 FIB and if we can hold above here for daily close we are looking golden! Check out the EMA ribbons, this is a huge deal, as you notice we had the red ribbons on top for quite some time pushing down on us and dragging us downwards, we have recently flipped that with the green ribbons on top showing the bullish momentum is growing drastically! This indicator isnt a fast mover and it takes a bit of time for the ribbons to fully flip and once we do if we continue like this we will want to see big spread and separation in the ribbons which shows massive amounts of bullish momentum and will bring us a great ways away from getting that bearish flip. Bollinger bands too look super bullish , we are on our first candle that is starting to grab onto the top band and you guys know what most of the time that means! Likely a huge climb up to come and i honestly think if we do see this big run up we are gonna slice through that 1 FIB level, due to bullish momentum getting bigger and stronger everyday! Now the MACD we just had a bullish cross and even though it isn't confirmed yet i would say there is a very good chance that we see a very bullish and healthy MACD cycle coming up here soon! But keep in mind that we need to see that blue MA start to take off from the orange one separating away and pointing upwards, and the further the MA's spread the lesser chance we have of a near term bearish cross! Aswell the histogram, we need to see increasing green bars each day with rising bullish momentum which personally i would say is very likely! Not financial advice just my opinion!