Short Term Play 1 - XTZBTC

Dear traders,

Intro: My name is Hugo, I am 24 years old and trading crypto currencies since late 2017. English is not my main language, however, I will try to explain everything brief and clear. Be aware that I am still in the learning curve. Every idea I post is not financial advice and is only meant for entertainment purposes only.

Welcome to my new Short Term Play series.

XTZ/ BTC clearly shows a path of accumulation (people buying the coin) and distribution (people selling the coin/distributing profits to other coins).

Every accumulation period has a fake-out before acceleration to the upside as depicted on the chart with white circles.

Target is in the chart.


Doctor Hugo

Trade active: Insert stoploss at XTZ/BTC
Amount: 100%
Sats stoploss level --> 0.00014735
Profit if stoploss hit --> 17% +/- from entry point


Doctor Hugo
Trade closed: stop reached