XTZ Ready To Move Up!!

Tezos is continuing to move upwards within the ascending channel even though we have seen some decent downside recently, we are still comfortably in the channel and have some strong supports still that are likely to hold us up, we are currently sitting directly on support coming from a little bit ago and then we also have right below us a nice uptrend support line coming from a previous bottom in our ascending channel , not to mention the bottom of this channel is also support for us and then finally a very solid support at the 0.5 FIB level, so as you can probably tell it is going to take a hell of a lot to breakthrough to the downside here especially past the 0.5 FIB level. but what im looking for is an overdue bounce off of support and a rebound to the upside, i think this isn't far off to say at all we have seen incredible price movements from XTZ recently somedays even leading the entire market and coming from some massive news that involves multiple banks! Looking at the bollinger bands we are currently trading in the bottom half underneath the midline and if i had to make a bet of if we will break the supports or breakthrough this midline im choosing the upside all day, we don't have too much resistance to the upside the main two are for sure the BB midline and then the 0.3 FIB but if we see a rebound here soon and some good momentum i don't think we will have much trouble at all smashing through these levels, XTZ has already shocked many investors and people and more institutions are starting to wake up to Tezos potential and overall the great project! Looking at the RSI we have slightly broken below the midline and what we are looking for here is a bounce off of the current support we are sitting on and rebound upwards pushing us back up above this midline so we can retain this very nice uptrend XTZ has going! Now the RMI we also are currently sitting on support and im looking for once again a nice bounce upwards and ultimately get this reversal with the blue getting back ontop of the orange, i don't think we should have much trouble doing so since we have had a decent drop here and we we're a hair away already from getting that bullish reversal and aswell as all the factors i talked about earlier mainly being the many support levels we have! Not financial advice just my opinion!