XTZ 1D Good growth, but needs correction

Our idea is first for those who trade XTZUSDT and hold a long

To begin with, it is worth saying that over the last month the price of Tezos made x3 rise, from $2 to $6, and the rise was almost without correction, and they are needed.
We hardly believe that the price of XTZUSD will be able to rise above $6.25 again in the nearest future, maybe not even that and go straight down.
One of the factors that allows us to think so: critically large volumes at the recent theoretical highs.

The area where we would personally consider opening a long is around $3.60-4.20. And the decision to go long should be made if and when the XTZ price approaches this zone.

In general, if you look at this chart and want a lot, you can see that the price is quite technically moving from level to level. And then it's every man for himself)
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