Verge Accumulation for Pump?

I can't help but feel like the crypto market is getting ready for a big bull run that will blow our minds. I remember celebrating Bitcoin when it first broke 10k and it surprised me even more when it shot right up to 20k. This time I'm getting excited for 100k, but wouldn't be surprised if it hit 200k. I mean I could still see Bitcoin dumping to 25k , or maybe the dump is over. I don't really care as a squeeze will help pump us up even harder. Anyways, I feel like alts will go for a crazy ride just as they did before. Remember whales like to manipulate prices and all these new people jumping in will buy at high prices. (I told so many people at work to buy bitcoin at 3k~4k and now they're finally getting into crypto and they've bought Doge around 50 cents haha) So I remember Verge pumping in the past, they're good at marketing which is huge in the crypto space. Not to mention that they also have their "privacy" factor to give it another edge. I see they're churning the marketing machine. Adding NFL football players to the VergeFam and such. I think it is likely that they will finally strike gold and rub the news just right for another pump. I feel like the whales are warming up to it. I'm in and I'm ready for it. Fingers crossed for 1200 sats!

As for the chart, I added Binance and Bittrex charts together and divided by 2 as the chart adds the prices together which must be compensated for. This gives me a view of the volume from both exchanges and as you can see the volume has been growing recently in the Bitcoin pair. (Compare that to the last pump and you can see that if the volume pumps anymore then the price could easily jump from here) In the short term it may look unbelievable for prices to rocket 200%+, but there could be a two week frenzy that will rocket prices all over the board and Verge could easily be one of those coins as traders will look for the next pump to quickly jump into.

Disclaimer, I'm just a pleb trying to multiply my bitcoins and I'm willing to wait so don't take my words as financial advice.


You’re words to god ears brother 💪🏾🙏🏾
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Well said my friend!
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i hope you too
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