Sobering reality for all you $XVG Perma-bulls (still GREAT news)

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Remember: You heard it here first. When every single other person on TV was shouting ATH! RIGHT! NOW!

Suffice to say, if this is truly the course, what a big chance for us to maximize our bags here before blastoff 2.0.

As you can see, mid-Dec was a nearly identical formation that shot up after a desc scallop getting rejected at .382 leading to a 2nd baseline support touchdown.

Now, look at our current setup.

Desc scallop with a Stoch RSI capping/crossover, possible Ichi crossover & bbands turning in - all right as we are approaching .382, again.

This is one reason why I believe we will get rejected at .382 (just like blast off 1.0 did too). However, we could still hit ~1k sats before that. Even a run to .5 or .618 would set up an even more bearish plummet to 2nd baseline touchdown, imo.

Target of 399-571, which would be a SUPER healthy touchdown before 18,000 sats and/or $1.50-$2 by August.

I've already executed my sell & plan to go all in on target.

Cheers! GL out there!

$xvg #xvg #vergefam #verge
Comment: Actually, this would be blastoff 3.0

Mid-Dec would be blastoff 2.0

Mid-April 2017 would be blastoff 1.0

All 3 follow eerily similar patterns. Fractals are cool.

Math is all that matters. It's really all there is.
Comment: Complete aside.

To make it interesting for myself, I'm going to *guess* for fun: low of 564 is hit on June 5th-7th & blast off happens on June 10th-12th.
Comment: Oh. Whaddya know... I didn't even realize that the 1st official $XVG meet-up, which will be in Amsterdam, is scheduled for June 9th.

What a p-p-p-party that would be, huh?

...or it'd be depressing until after it was already over, lol.
Comment: Just pointing out that had I drawn the downward facing arrow of the desc scallop on the left to the same scale as the one on the right, it would be matching today's downtrend pretty darn well!
Comment: Scratch my last comment!

Uptrend resumed with target of 987. It might actually curve around the arrow I randomly drew...who knows!
Trade active: I'm guessing this triangle will break upward, as it seems quite bullish , but get rejected before .382 (987 or so).

Which will resume the course I've already laid out, here:

Comment: Gets even more clear when you fan that fib out, and add a resistance trend line from PH announce peaks.

Nothing else has been touched.

Comment: Shrank hit box for extra lolz

Comment: Just realized... breakout from this triangle will most likely come from halving pump:

...just a thought!


My initial hit-box has been breached.

Now, let's see if it hits my arrogant one.
Comment: We broke below 6mo supp and just barely missed my 515 call in the comments below from 5/23. We hit 517.

Either way, this spells bad news for XVG. I'm actually sorta nervous.

I'd say first stop is 470-495.

I'll be keeping an eye on it.

I'm setting a buy at 211 in case of flash crash lol.
Comment: Join our Discord for live daily calls:
Comment: 325 incoming?!

Let's wait and see!

Comment: Hello hello hello! Another update for my beloved $XVG:

XVG is juuust about finished with it's 2 month long correction that came in the form of a beautiful falling wedge .

However, we are not out of the woods just quite yet. I think we will be rejected in the purple circle. However, disregard this if we break above 560 - at least for your short-term consideration. For the more aggressive traders, 560-580 is close to a confirmed break out - but, 600 is bare minimum for me, as things stand rn.

So, I believe we still have to see sub 400. As of right now, my target is 391. Why?! The gorgeous descending scallop - that I originally started this trade with - targets that.

Good luck, #vergefam!


Comment: Oops! forgot to add target on my falling wedge update.

Falling wedges usually target the peak, so expect 1400ish upon successful reversal confirmation. This could take months to reach or it could take a week. Really up in the air. Also, if you zoom out to the whole 6mos triangle, you'll see that 1400 is most likely a complete break out....that only means ONE thing!


lol. fingers crossed.
Comment: Hellooo!

Another quick update for your favorite Legendary $XVG Short.

I believe a desc scallop with a target of 448-462 is deceiving some folx today. If I was you, I'd get out on this peak, in order to re-buy at least around 450 - if not our ultimate 390 target. BUT, I'm not you, and this is NOT professional trading/investing advice!

We might see a bit of juice yet, but we gotta break 600 before we can start to consider anything.

Could be a big risk! This coin is about to explode as soon as it breaks out. I bet a single day candle could reach the top of our 6mos triangle, once it happens. Maaaybe 2 days, as we may need one to break us back through the bottom line of our 6mos triangle or something.


Good luck!

Comment: At the risk of sounding like an actual informercial:

I want everyone to know that you can be doing this, too. I've learned everything from a discord group I recently found:

I am not *special*. I just listened and followed @Kneedam#4090's (Discord handle) concise calls.

**I've only known him since mid-April**

It is actually realistic. I was SO sunk in xvg from Jan to mid-April. Without his help, I wouldn't be looking at getting back into xvg at 3x the coins as my initial investment amount. It lowers my buy-in average immensely and erases my staggering losses from Jan to April.

I urge all of you to consume every bit of his guidance while this much of it is still free. Beyond this beginning stage of this group (only 1 week old), I don’t think you will see as much for free as you are right now. Take advantage of it.

The other leader, @the_ats#9738, has been a HUGE part of why I can now, not only make big swings like I did with Kneedam's help, but also day trade in between. Talk about an absolute game-changer...

I've officially gained almost 30% in the past 5 days from the_ats' daily calls alone. :tada: many coins can I *really* get when I finally make the theorized XVG jump (if/when it happens) thanks to the combination of these two guys? As many as I want/current volatility will allow, because of the set of POWER tools I now have for myself. Hence, why I have pulled 5 all nighters in a row with maybe a nap each day, haha.

The best part? I only get more tools and better at using them as I stick close to these two.
Comment: Hello!

Quick update to say that my 1st stop of 462 on the way to 390-400ish has just been hit!

I have extended the deadline for 390-400ish target hit-box.


Never, because you can join our Discord to know this in advance, next time!

new website coming next week!

Comment: Whelp...It's been quite a ride this month & a half, with all of you. What a legendary go - One for the books, if I say so myself!

I'm sorry I could not update at the floor today, as I was soft-banned for posting the discord link in the above thread. I posted that when I was on a premium trial account, and it is now against the rules as I am back to a free account. - I digress.

My XVG bags were heaaavyyy this morning near the floor. It felt SO good hopping back into my beloved Verge. Flipped em all at 440 a bit ago. There is still a possible maybe potential for 450-453 to hit.

Whoever caught the max range easily had 10% gains today.

The best part?


This rising wedge targets 385, but I'm not sure if we'll get that low. We'll have to see.

410 fits more in line with a Wyckoff bottom - at least at this next touchdown. So, I've adjusted my hit-box slightly, as you can see.

I will most definitely be picking up every bit that I can in the 420-385 range, again.

Remember - it's all about those 1% quick gains, and you only need 4 sats 1.30% with XVG right now.


(I can't wait to type "xvglong" in the tags of my Verge updates.)

Comment: Had a nice little breakout. Got back in at 450, and rode to 471.

Continuing to monitor.


Beautiful run!

475 was hit, and I would like to believe now is our turn around.

I'll be continuing to monitor.

Woohoo! Another quick few %!
Comment: Apologies on the late/no updates! I've been traveling out of state for the last week and will be doing so for another week. Sorta inconvenient timing as far as Legendary XVG Shorts are concerned ;)

I scooped my whole bag up again at 364-366. I can sell now for a nice 4-7% gain, which I'm going to do. However, it could scooch just a bit higher (389-398), so i'll just be laddering out throughout the 80/90s.

I personally see 322 still in the cards. Although it's a rather difficult read right now with BTC 0.18% doing w/e it wants lol.

We'll just have to wait and see!


Comment: **Hey all! Sorry for the late update, as I'm still traveling. I'll be back to my regular posting schedule on Wednesday, July 4th.**


XVG looks to have achieved it's first successful breakout from our big beautiful falling wedge that began with the PH spike & dump turning point back in April!

This could be it! We still have a ways to go, and we probably need BTC 4.34% to be a reverse too. BTC 4.34% looks like 6725ish is in sight, then a Right Shoulder formation that could go as low as 6100. This would be an inverse H&S with a target of 7400ish - around mid July or so. That's just my guess for now.

Always look out for throwback & pullback!

Hopefully I can get a read on some reversal patterns for XVG for you all as soon as I get some time, so we can start hitting/flipping more short-term targets.

Cheers! Good luck out there!

Comment: Gettin a little bolder here with my riskiest call yet - a short-term long calling targets & timing. I'll probably get slapped with the reality of the unpredictability of markets, lol. Oh well, just for fun!

I'm seeing a few bullish patterns forming since the breakout from our wedge . An asc scallop or two, an inverse asc scallop and possibly a (series of) inverse H&S . As well as some cup & handles, maybe?!

Much is still yet to be confirmed, but this is my bullish PoV as of right now.

All of these are targeting 460-500. I'd like to see it happen in the next 36-72 hours. Funny enough, that'd be a nice height for what could become an even larger asc scallop - which I have drawn in white.

Don't get me wrong - I still see the potential for a dip, but it sh/wouldn't be much. Below 375 would be somewhat unexpected for me.

Fair warning: Use caution if trying to trade based on this - it is not trading/financial advice and I do not expect it to be SUPER accurate.

Cheers, y'all!

**PS: I have a super speculative theorized roadmap/private chart laid out all the way to 900s for anyone who is interested in seeing it. DM me, if so.**

Comment: lol, now that I'm not is that inverse H&S I drew? Crypto patterns are abnormally sloppy a lot of times, but ... o.O
Comment: looks like this most recent update may already be shot to sh**, haha.

H&S could be breaking down to 368ish.
Comment: It *could* be just moving to form the right lip of the asc scallop, but volume is super bleak.
Comment: Sorry y'all. I was pretty tipsy yesterday and i'm sure it showed, lol. This is one reason why this stuff is never meant to be taken as trading advice.

BTC forming the RS I called a week or so ago is having the expected effect market-wide, so far, today.

465-480 is still incoming thanks to at least a couple asc scallops that remain valid - among a few other bullish patterns. I'd like to say my price targets still remain, but time is probably most definitely out the window (per usual).

I remain bullish either way. The next, at least, 2 months are about to be a sweet ride. Fingers crossed!

Comment: The Legend is coming to fruition... 


Comments are so precise in your analysis :) it went down to 369!!! Thank you.
+1 Reply
jmC3PO ZatoshiSun

haha, so far so good, huh? Crossin' my fingers.

+1 Reply
thanks bro :)
+1 Reply
jmC3PO bosamfo
@bosamfo, :thumbs_up:
+1 Reply
517 seen today for double bottom on 1 day RSI
+1 Reply
you were right. so now what?
+1 Reply
jmC3PO astoinis

I'd like to see 515, still, but the window on that is closing soon.
jmC3PO astoinis

Could see as high as 650 before final touchdown of the base supp.

The subsequent target, I sorta just threw up whimsically based purely on a fractal rate.

TBH I was just completely wrapped up in just the hit-box call and got lazy on that part, lol.
Dude i have been looking for this ta for the past days. Good thing you posted it on twitter
+1 Reply
jmC3PO pasare93

haha, naturally had to wait until it breached my hit-box
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