Is this the right time to buy verge?

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin

Verge had a good run in march/april if you missed it you got another chance
Verge is approaching a good price that you can ladder into

Buy range for verge is
370 -350 sats
there is only a small window before another rally so try your best buy around the buy range.

If I helped you profits with the post,
A little tip wouldn't hurt me at all

My ltc wallet:

I will keep it updated ,if you got any question sure ask me
Comment: A quick update:

If you look closely you on the charts that verge breached the lower body of the BOLLINGER BANDS(the indicator on the chart) several times.That means the down trend isn't over yet we can expect a lower target. The downtrend isn't over if that bollinger bands flattens or turns around.I will show the picture later.

At bright sight we will have cheap verge soon.I will fill my baskets full with it.
Comment: A quick correction:
The downtrend isn't over if that bollinger bands flattens or turns around false
The downtrend is over if that bollinger bands flattens or turns around correct one

sorry for the typo
Comment: Here the picture I promised

As you on the Picture the price breached the lower body of bollinger bands several bands.The downtrend continues.The last one the price breached the bollingerbands but it was repelled against.Which means the downlrend isn't over yet but we will soon have a excellent opportunity to buy verge at reasonable price
Comment: A thrilling discovery for verge:

I was using volume oscillator indicator to discover the relationship between
The uptrend and volume.I found something interesting that you certainly would like

The green ones are the uptrend and the red ones are the downtrend shown in the volume oscillator indicator.Do you notice in order to occur and uptrend the volume needs be above a certain lvl and must stay there to support the uptrend

The other thing I noticed is the the red blocks look very similait to each other
I onderlined which part look very similiar with the white lines
The last white line in the first red block hopefully also plays out in the last redblock.If so the uptrend isn't that far away

If go above the yellow line and we stay there good news for us
I will keep you updated
Ladder into the orange lines regions
maybe a lower lower before uptrend ,not sure yet

first buy range you could spend like 25% of the funds and so on that you are prepared to spent on verge
440-410 sats

Second buy range order
409-384 sats

third buy order 383-350 sats

Why we doing all that unnecessary you make ask
simply put to avoid buyers remorse.The chance of missing the ride gets slimmer,
You are not caught by suprised and the prevent that you buy very high.
Trade active: First round is over ,
fill your second round
409-384 sats.
Comment: It's a going as planned ;)
We are in the last stay
my buy orders are

stoplos 300 sats

I know the market is deep red rightknow but
hold on it's just a phase

goodluck to us

I will keep you updated
Comment: verge is looking good
everthing is going as planned.
Perhaps we will go to 320 sats ,but fear not ,
verge has only one way and that is up.So don't get suprised if we hit a lower low.
Hold on to your verge;)
Last touches are put on on the last part ,
maybe I little lower.Hopefully then a long awaiting breakout.
Do do remember when verge was very green while the market was deep red.
I do.will verge be the on start the action first.Maybe I hope so
.Either way xvg will go up
The rsi will be longer point downward .anytime that will change to upward;)
Comment: did we reached the botttom ,maybe
361 sats,that would really interesting prospect.
Time will only tell.We won't go much lower I thing ,maybe around 320 but who cares the only way for verge is up.Buy verge it's quite hot right know
Trade active: I will buy as much verge as possible,
what would you do ?
Comment: it's cheap right know
Comment: Verge is close to a breakoout guys ,I'm really excited.I missed that the rush.
I will support my claim thay you need to buy as much verge as you can.

Firstly I made indicator called innocence:
You should try also to make your own indicatorm ,it could be

But now to the point,
my indicator capabel to certain degree when to sell and when to buy your favourite coin.Ofcourse it's not perfect ,it's needs some fine tuning.

My indicator is telling me this:
Trade active: Is this a genuine breakout guys!!!!!!!

If so ,Verge will make a beautiful run
this week and coming weeks.
I will give my targets latter in the day.
Comment: If my trade made you profited you a lot congratz

you can tip me if you want on my ltc wallet
Comment: My targets will be displayed on the brand new verge idea
Trade active: This a genuine breakout guys!! congratz to all of us
To the moon now
Comment: Verge is steadily climbing up ,don't lose patience.
The worst pain is when you sell before a great spike


Will it drop as the others? ...
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Sir_DURZO bosamfo
@bosamfo, Maybe a little ,but there is no serious drop ahead upon us,The action can start anytime now
@Sir_DURZO, I will update xvg regulary,I will let you know what I find!
@Ignignokt Any coins that you will like to get analyzed ?
Name a few ,I will see what I can do about that:)
Ignignokt Sir_DURZO
@Sir_DURZO, I'm on XVG, ONT, NEO, RDD, POWR, and unfortunately, XRP

Kinda hoping NEO isn't about to Moon.. I wanted to accumulate more off another small XVG run
Sir_DURZO Ignignokt
@Ignignokt, I see that neo is a great buy,It's around the 30$ compared that to few months ago,I will see what's going with neo.Btw EOS is quite hot right now. Around 8$ .Mooning takes a while so hopefully verge will has his run before that and your good to go.Check sia and digibyte out both a very interesting coins ,and cheap right now.I will update sia soon ,maybe you will step in a sia trade after you look at my updated Idea;)

"Kinda hoping NEO isn't about to Moon" Well I search you for other coins for you that will moon soon ,incase that you miss the neo ride ;)

btw where did xrp burn you , didn't you exit after the great spike of xrp?
BOOM!!!!.... it has begun to move @Sir_DURZO
Sir_DURZO bosamfo
@bosamfo, It seems so, exciting times ahead,Thank you for sticking by,it means a lot to mean.
More trades coming stay tuned ;)
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Awesome!!!... thanks Sir
Sir_DURZO bosamfo
@bosamfo, I will make an update on iop quite shortly ;)
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