Altcoin Bottom/Moon-charts by Nestay

BINANCE:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Shorting from 17K to 3K was a lot of fun but its time to get some bullish bias! The majority of alts are showing breaks of its resistances, retesting it and using it now as supports. ALTSZN on its way? I do think that the majority of alts have found their bottom but the question is if 3300 is BTC's bottom. We still haven't seen a real capitulation event imo and strong V bounce to end the bear market. But if BTC found its bottom and is already accumulating, an altseason could take place soon. We already saw a bunch of low cap alts making 500% moves, now its waiting with our bags for the top 100 to fly again.

In this idea, i'm making a collection of my favorite alts and the ones who are looking the most gorgeous

Comment: (XVG) Verge is the first coin i fomo'd myself in in 2017, almost at the top tbh. It has a huge community for a coin ranked on the 55th place, you could know it for its partnership with Pornhub. XVG can go really nuts, it went up 70X in 2017 only and has a -98% discount right now. What we see is a WXYXZ-move in a descending channel with a breakout + retest of that resistance within a wedge right now. The ABCDE-move in this wedge looks done already and it can breakout whenever it wants right now. Now, in theory this is still a bearish pennant but with the resistance that became support odd's of it breaking to the upside are bigger IMO, a bunch of other alts confirmed this already.