XVG / USDT Local work. Large cup. The Dragon.

BINANCE:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Rollback from the resistance of the big cup (yellow level) by -81%, the price is at the dynamic support of this formation. If there is a local reversal breakout of the local downtrend (red). Potentially, within the framework of the formation of the 3rd phase of the cup, the "Dragon" formation is being worked out. The resistance of the cup to fly on this "rocket plane" is about + 180%.

If the price overcomes this resistance and consolidates, then the potential for working out the "cup and handle" is enormous (the bottom of the cup is 2000%). The target are impressive, but it probably won't happen now. To the historical highs of these values ​​+ 900%.

But do not forget that from the 2nd phase of the cup (accumulation after reset) the price is now about + 560% against the dollar, take this into account in your trading. Comply with risk management and limit them.

This coin on coinmarketcap: XVG (Verge)

This is the main trend of this coin (part). XVG / USDT Large cup. Rollback.
Comment: Local trading situation. Double bottom. The price is at the intersection of the trend lines.
Comment: The price reached the support level of 0.0169 and only from it the breakdown of the downtrend line began. At the moment about +30% from the breakdown. Local resistance is the former highs (top of the double bottom)
Comment: XVG/USDT +124% at the moment. Reached the target zone of the level 411 #Profit #XVG
Comment: A pullback from the 411 level zone. The price reached the level zone 0.25. There are attempts to stop the decline (about 1 week is holding the price). Also clearly visible horizontal channel, the price is now in its central part. The reversal points of the level zones, on which the development of this trend depends on the chart showed
Comment: At the moment there is a hold on the price in the support zone of the internal channel 0.02
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good bullish price action here :) thx
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SpartaBTC jojofang0901
@jojofang0901, Let's hope that this "rocket" is good).
Nice chart Sparta ! Thank you - many charts are looking great . I've been doing a lot of charts on FET BTC myself .
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SpartaBTC shimmeringpath
@shimmeringpath, Thank you. Yes, an interesting coin to work with
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Good job