Venus XVS Caution! Roller coaster is not for the faint of heart!

Venus (XVS) is an algorithmic money market and synthetic stablecoin protocol launched exclusively on Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ).
The combination of Defi project + binding to Binance gave a good result, the price of XVSUSDT increased from $2 to almost $150

But the real roller coaster for traders happened on May 18-19, then the price for 2 hours increased from $80 to $140. (Against the background of purchases to get a new VRT reward token) and already during May 19, the price of XVSUSD fell from $140 to $32. Only spot traders could survive such a ride, while the deposits of marginals were confidently multiplied by 0.

Tonight, against the background of the BTC shot up, the price of XVS also showed an increase, although much better +50%
Such volatility is very dangerous to trade on a margin account, only on a spot.

By the way, the white route from our idea BTCUSDT worked pretty well
The weekly candle has worked out almost all its growth potential in a day

Let's define the key levels:
To continue the upward rally, the XVSUSDT price needs to be corrected, at least up to $20
The first target for growth is $35, if it is easily overcome, then hello $59-60.

Correction: here we will have to look at how powerful the growth will be and what the overall situation will be in the crypto market.
However, based on the current data, we believe that in the future it will be possible to place buckets for purchases on the spot in the liquidity zone of $10-11. What if we get lucky and pour it, who knows what they have prepared for us in the future)
Since 2016, we have been analyzing and trading the cryptocurrency market.
We transform our knowledge, trading moods and experience into ideas. Each "like under the idea" boosts the level of our happiness by 0.05%. If we help you to be calmer and richer - help us to be happier :)
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Great one just like always !
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good work and thx for sharing your view
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Good Analysis ! ! !
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I like the color scheme of your charts, it’s inspiring. The analysis is great too
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thanks. excellent analysis. good luck
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