Possible 5%-6% Up Move coming to the S&P500

When looking at the daily bollinger bands width ( bbw ) there have only been four other times where the bb were as tight as they are now. Years 1964 & 1965 and year 1995 before the huge breakout into the year 2000 high In all of the previous times the S&P500 was in a small pullback then rallied 5%-6% which I believe it could do again. I believe buying the dip is where I should be looking to trade or buy the breakout of recent highs.

Other things I am looking at, price is in a daily squeeze where momentum is at the waterline, could go either way On a monthly time frame price is in a monthly squeeze with momentum above the waterline Plus looking at the coppock curve which was made for the monthly time frame is giving its 3rd month in a row buy signal You can use the coppock curve on the daily time frame, however, you have to change the settings for it to give an accurate signal wma 210, long roc 294, short roc 231, Looking at the monthly Schaff trend Cycle it to is turning up where looking left it is giving a buy signal of potential upside price action However the daily Schaff Trend Cycle is locked in oversold, until it gives a buy signal on the daily, price could continue to grind sideways or pullback lower Sentiment is dropping which is good for the upside. To many bears means more stops could get run over in a short squeeze Random bs
Next week is contract rollover for the es mini where the december contract will become the main contract. So come next thursday if price trades down to 2139 to 2148 on the es dec contract I believe people who missed the brexit summer rally will buy the dip. If the es dec contract pulled back to 2079.50 I believe it would present an even better buy the dip opportunity with upside targets of 2233.75 and 2313.75
I could be 100% wrong and can change my mind in a second if market conditions change.