YFI-any market Bull or Bear @6k-ish small bag here is all goodie

COINBASE:YFIUSD / United States Dollar
these r the ALT projects I dont have a problem with scooping small bags. This has been beaten to the ground and B, YFI when she goes she fly's There is no resistance until 10k, and really no serious resistance until we reach 17k-20k

YFI is the OG token that was mined for free pre release curtesy of Andre C. the guy behind Fantom accusation among other DeFi projects. His original goal was to have a suite of user friendly products for traders to whatever this eco system can support. For now he has been famously quoted many times on many projects he is behind or and involved with; This is Use at Your Own Risk until later when project has been shaped into edible, safe consumption for the masses.

Andre CromJayyyy is a real deal boss. He finished a bunch of computer science development, programing, etc, courses in an extremally short time frame. He then pretty much rocked and flipped the DeFi world during the last Bull Run by pushing the boundaries and utility of his and others projects. He later linked up with Curve or CRV team and a kat that goes by Bentag on Twitter etc. These dudes are heavy hitters in this world and always worth watching.

The catch here with the YFI token is it holds some voting rites for several related projects or and something to do with YFI etc. sorry im rusty here but always good to DYOR anyways. These guys openly are and or where accumulating as many voting rite YFI tokens as possible, this was when we hit a new ATH rite before the current ATH when lol a "Woofy" Bridge was created for YFI tokens. It was simply a way to turn your one YFI token or whatever into some crazy amount of DOge type hype meme coin worth the exact same amount as when in YFI form, minus gas fees of course. This was simple a well timed joke or play on the insanity meme coin token crave dominating that period in the bull cycle. LOL the point here is these guys are on the pulse of this eco system and seem to always be one step ahead or smack dab in the middle of some insanity. Either way, like I said B4, Worth Watching and a small position at this 6k level

Alts are super sketchy at present. but i must say there is some power in any proven, fake to real utility and ideally some years or so on the charts gives decent TA levels that actually can be predicted due to enough trade action over enough time. IE basically ALTS are more an idea then true utility that actually does something needed by the masses. at present, we gamble and hope these teams eventually develop into the current names and internet we know today. Im personally all about savage quick profits in the ALT world. its way to easy to take way to many positions and get spread thin not just money wise but your attention. its hard to track that many projects and when a market nudge can cripple whatever its not ok to not pay attention.

I am personally at a point where yes, I do HODL some projects, yes ALTs that Ill hold for years probably and just see what happens, BUT the majority of my crypto money is here to take advantage of the volatility . 20 to 30 percent gain, boom take profits, even a small gain sometimes and im out. The other trick for me at least is try and go mostly BTC and ETH due to the market esp ALTs following the big boys, the entry and exit points/ in crypto due to all the money being in these two tokens and the rest sprayed out into the crypto-verse. (most Alts are actually on the ETHEREUM blockchain, yes they have there own value in a way but they live on ETH. meaning you need to pay ETH to move the tokens off on trade whatever)

later all baby crying


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