Indicators For A Volume Profile Based Trading Strategy

Volume Profile has been popular among futures traders since the beginning of electronic trading and the introduction of TPO charts. I use several scripts from the TradingView Volume Profile Suite for a trading strategy I'll teach in a upcoming video. For now, here are the scripts and indicators applied to the charts I show in this, and past, recordings.

Indicators on the 30m Chart:
Volume Profile > Session Volume HD
PriorDayOHLC (Available in the Public Library)
233 EMA (Built-ins)

Indicators on the 5m Chart
Volume Profile > Visible Range
VWAP Stdev Bands v@ Mod (Available in the Public Library)
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How to interpret volume histograms and use the patterns for set-ups and signals coming soon in a follow-up video idea!
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@RodCasilli I have applied these indicators and they look really good:-) I am very interested to see how you enter and exit trades off of these. Thanks so much for sharing Rod!
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@RodCasilli thank you so much
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@RodCasilli, thanks for this video really helpful

Did you come up with follow up video to interpret volume histogram.... please poet the link here would be very useful
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Trend_Chasin JakeMatthews
@JakeMatthews, I'm laughing at you thinking you are a professional. You cant even string together a coherent sentence. I bet you trade as good as you write, and people are sure to wither away their savings by contacting you
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great one brother
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This is very informative , I feel trading view should allow viewers to be able to save a video

I'll really like to save your video
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Very well explained ... INFORMATIVE !!!
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RodCasilli sandyrindal
@sandyrindal, thanks!