$ZEC Trading Idea & Profitably "Swing Trading" #ZCash

BITTREX:ZECBTC   ZCash / Bitcoin
My take on ZCash is that it is a solid Crypto Currency that's competing for market share in the highly competitive "Privacy Coin" space.

In that context, my preference with $ZEC is not to hold it indefinitely but rather trade it based on historical 'Support & Resistance' levels.

Now that #AltSeason has begun, I suspect we will eventually see $ZEC breakthrough the long-term down-trend resistance line (Pink), and from there I will attempt to take advantage of the "Swing Trade" opportunity outlined in this chart if/when it presents itself.

With that in mind, at this stage and price-point I feel very comfortable holding a position in $ZEC.

The price difference between "Key Horizontal #1" & "Key Horizontal #2" is approximately 50%.

If we were to see ZCash break above the 0.075 $BTC level with conviction, I suspect we will see a similar pattern (and peak) to the one we saw in May-June of 2017.

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