Zcash (ZEC) Bullish Divergence + Early Signals

BINANCE:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
I am looking at Zcash ( ZECBTC ) on the request of some of my followers and I am seeing some early signals that are pointing to a pontetial breakout to the upside... Potential, because these signals are early which means that they can be easily invalidated.

The stronger the signal, the higher the chances that it comes true and price moves to where the signal is pointing.

Here I am looking at early bullish signals for Zcash ( ZECBTC ), hit like if you want to now and let's take a look at those together:

  • I marked bullish divergence on the MACD twice, this is the main signal we will be looking at.
  • The first arrow is purple and goes back to ZECBTC Sept. '18 low until the 8 March low. You can see the price moving lower while the MACD , line, and signal, are moving higher. The second divergence is the blue arrow.
  • These are good and strong signals but they haven't come into play, it can still go lower. So we are waiting/looking for a break above EMA10, with above-average volume to further support these signals and start a trade. ZECBTC might be looking bullish soon.

In the meantime, I stay away because ZECBTC tends to disappoint me about 80% of the time. Better choices out there.

Thanks a lot for reading.

This is a chart analysis shared for fun, learning, and entertainment purposes only. This is not a piece of trade advice, my trades contains buy-in, targets, stop-loss, and additional information... See an example here:
Thanks you for the support.


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