ZCASH (ZEC) - Promissing future - 26600% earnings till 2025 ?!?

BITFINEX:ZECUSD   Zcash / U.S. Dollar
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Looking for stable, highly ranked, solid project?
There you go.
Market cap 830 mln $ - massively undervalued.
One of the top developers' team - 88% on coingecko (4th with SIA ).

Here is some fundamental analysis .
One of the largest funds indicates a cryptocurrency that can grow like bitcoin . Yes they mean ZCASH.
Here is why.
Grayscale Investments - a fund that is part of the Digital Currency Group, one of the largest cryptocurrency companies - in the autumn launched a fund allowing investment in Zcash. Now the company explained why they put this cryptocurrency on.
Grayscale used financial models to create a forecast of how much the Zcash price - the ZEC abbreviation - could grow. According to the simulation, one token could be worth around 60,000 dollars in 2025 which means 26600 %.The fund, however, accepted one very important assumption: approx. 10 percent will be located in Zcash. world wealth that is now found in all tax havens. Will it happen? We will see...

The name comes from "zerocash". Zcash was created with a view to fully anonymous, secure payments. All participants in the chain have access to blockchain zcash, as in bitcoin , but the cryptocurrency thanks to the zk-SNARK encryption technology allows to hide: sender, recipient and transaction amounts.
The zcash asset, as with bitcoin , is limited to a maximum of 21 million tokens.

"If bitcoin is like the http protocol for money, zcash is like https - a safer layer," say creators of the ZEC.
Hiding the origin and previous transactions of a given token causes that it is just as interchangeable as any other token zcash. Put simply: in transactions, all tokens are treated in the same way, there is no possibility of discriminating them due to previous transactions, and thus, the liquidity of zcash is preserved. In Bitcoin , on the contrary, everyone can check this data, so there is a risk of discrimination in transactions.
Behind the investments in zcash speak: a strong team of developers (even Vitalik as a advisor) behind the initiative and partnership with JPMorgan. In 2016, the bank decided to implement the Zcash technology to the Quorum blockchain being developed by itself, built on Ethereum .

A bit of technical analysis:
  • MACD positive convergence
  • Stoch RSI - oversold zone 7 bull's cross
  • Momentum - stable around 0 level - positive divergence
  • low at Fibonacci levels scale

Fibonacci levels:
Entry: between 172$ and 356$
Target 1: 356,41$
Target 2: 464,16$
Target 3: 556,96$
Target 4: 648,08$
Target 5: 780,53$
Target 6: 944,08$ (new ATH )

Stop-loss: 172,36$

Keep watching this coin as last couple of weeks we had a gain on another privacy coin (Verge almost 400% over last 4 weeks). This means another privacy coins can gain a massive attention.

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