Quick profit on Zilliqa/Bitcoin

BINANCE:ZILBTC   Zilliqa / Bitcoin
Hi folks,

Are you an investor or a trader?
That's a totally different mindset.

I am a trader. I buy and sell, i buy and sell.

When i buy, i already define my exit point.

The point with the arrow is my area of value. This is where my interest goes.
The price bounce of resistance and it bounces of my upgoing trendline.

Now I wait patiently for what the price is going to do next. why.

What I want to see is the next 2/3 days for prices to recover and bounce back.

It will be a bullish trendline breakout. Often than not prices will move in the opposite direction of the break. So in this example, up!

I place my trade to the next resistance.

Potential profit around 20%.