ZILBTC 4H Buy zone/Targets

BINANCE:ZILBTC   Zilliqa / Bitcoin
ZIL/ BTC 4H Elliot Wave count.
1. I believe we are now in the middle of wave 3 - target 1.
2. Then correction to the buy zone.
Based on the fib. retracement plus the daily trendlines this zone should be a perfect trampoline for the wave 5.
3. Then the wave 5 - target 2

Levels - as on the attached picture.
Comment: Elliot wave count update.
I believe, current correction is in fact wave 4.
Potential buy zone and target - grey rectangles.

Comment: Apparently it seems we' ve just finished the 5 wave struture and now we are facing the corrective ABC wave.
Comment: Count update.
Looks like we finished wave 3 and 4.
Now we should hit wave 5.