Zoom having nice run, but plenty of space to go

NASDAQ:ZM   Zoom Video Communications, Inc
In its trend channel, it's got loads of room
Comment: Premarket pull back shows to be buy opportunity
Comment: looks to me to be reaching the end of an accumulation. I'm expecting it to take a run into the new year and beyond. Stop losses/risk management always important
Comment: We must have been stopped out by this point. Conservativation of capital to be reassigned into a new high risk/reward trade
Comment: Double bottom with bullish divergence. At $404 right now. Cramer coming out saying, heading into lockdown again the stay at home stocks are back on. Technically, seen Zoom is set up to pop higher and as Cramer points out, Fundamentally it is good to go too. If it wants to get back in it's old channel, it will do very, very well over the next three months.
Comment: 2 scenarios how i believe it'll go from here.
Comment: The bearish scenario is unfolding. next significant support is at around $280