ZRX A Shark move | Upto 1000% rally expected

BINANCE:ZRXBTC   0x / Bitcoin
Hi dear patrons, hope you are well and welcome to the new update on Ox (ZRX) token.
In 2019 I posted that the price action of ZRX completed a very big bullishg reversal Shark move on monthly chart. At that time the price action was likey to bounce from the support of a triangle therefore I suggested to by at 0.886 Fib level however the priceline completed the Shark and moved between 0.886 to 1.13 Fib level. And the price action rallied.

In the US Dollar market I posted this butterfly move that produced more than 1000% sofar.

But on the long-term monthly time period chart, the price action of the ZRX with Bitcoin pair was still moving in the potential reversal zone of Shark . The price action cannot enter in the negative zone, therefore I have placed the Fibonacci pattern up to 1.13 Fib level only for the educational purpose, however the price line has found the last support at 0.00001465 btc .

This trade has a huge profit possibility of 1050%, and the loss possibility is only 55.5%.

Note: Above idea is for educational purpose only. It is advised to diversify and strictly follow the stop loss, and don't get stuck with trade.