ZRX - 0x Price Idee and target

After the previous analysis which has been invalidated by BTC retracement we have a new bullish setup, let s recap the analysis:

Rsi- pretty good, arround the middle leaving space for ZRX for growing

MACD - Golden cross forming on 4H chart

3 higher highs follower by 3 higest lows confirming the bullish channel

Fibbonacci - just closed 2 candels above the 0.50 zone leaving space for the new target at 0.618 zone

Targets: 1.97 short term, probly gonna see ZRX at 2$ tomorrow 12/ 05

In the middle term the target for me is going to be 2.30$ then if by the end of the month we can consolidate above 2$ zone we might see a new ATH very soon