ZRX - The Prophecy is True

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Trade active:
Trade active: Next dip 1.98$ - 2.04$
TP's: 2.40$ / 3.10$ / 4.00$
Trade active:
Trade active: #ZRX on 6H is looking for support area. Currently is testing above 2.08$ level as support in high BUY WALL DEMAND. This is going to flash very hard in coming hours / days.

Trade active: Currently is testing 2$ area as red support / red line
Trade active: Trade is still active / price may touch again 1.75$ - 1.80$ area for eventual dip.
SL: 1.45$
Comment: Trade is still active 12.05.2021

#ZRX - currently is looking very bullish on 12H with 1.80$ support.
Price may move higher after breaking 2.40$ area

Trade active:
May go lower with Bitcoin to 1.30$ before dipping
Trade closed: stop reached


Good job updating your chart friend, Appreciate it.
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Perfect, looking forward to your next call.

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Good job
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@JohnBat, thanks!
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Awesome chart