ZRX Prediction - Short/Medium/Long Term

Chart and Fib Extensions/Retracements are in Log Scale. Prices and Targets are moved to the right for clarity to not clutter the chart. (Not Scaled to Time)

Short term
  • In the purple count, we can confirm it was a wave 1-2 because the 1.618 hits the top of wave 3 at around $2
Looking for a pullback into the 0.382 level at around $1. 40 range
Possible stop loss at around $1.35 and look to enter at $1.17 or $1.00. If it goes below $1, the count is invalidated.
Short Term target is $3.50 range.

Medium Term :
  • Taking the Yellow 1-2 count, and using log scale with fib extension, we get a target of $10 at the 1.618 level medium term.
  • After a correction from the purple wave, the 0.382 is a typical retracement at $2.30 range. Then heading into $10 target.

Longer Term:
Yellow wave retraces back to around $6.50 range before heading higher to possibly $16-$18 target

Things to keep in mind:
- Many other factors could affect the chart and change the count.
- Bonds, Yields, Inflation , Stimulus, etc.
- BTC price action may extend or lower ZRX's price.
- Chart is not scaled to time, can happen much sooner or much more later.

This is not financial advice. For entertainment/educational purposes only. Please only invest what you can afford to lose and set stop losses below support so you do not get stopped out during a volatile session.

Comment: Buy Zone for Purple wave is between $1.40 and $1.20.
Entered 800 @ $1.8, I believed it was breaking out of the consolidation period.
Still holding. Cut Loss @ $1.15