Soybean Futures September 2021 Contract

Hey there. Just one question, do you see any buying pressure in the Volume Oscillator? No? Yeap me too, so we will strong on short. Price will make(finger cross) a reversal at the trendline and we will be exiting our position in the next resistance turn support.

P/S: My position was entered yesterday at 1412.6. The reason why I posted this is because some of my friend were saying that the price is currently bullish and already making a reversal. Some of them has close their position, I will stick to my plan, which I will exit at the next support area @ 1372. Option 2, I will exit if its break the trendline and has no mean to reverse down.

Good Luck
Comment: As expected, price is now heading towards the support area. Still holding my position.
Trade closed: target reached: Successfully closed the position today with 156 ticks of profit.