WHEAT, the rally continues


Beautiful session yesterdayon the wheat market, it tested the support in zone 508 and then
there was a wave of buyers that made it reach to the top of the multiday channel.

Now in the upcoming sessions I expect a bit of leakness due to the over-buy
and I think it will lead to consolidation of zone 520.

Then you should start off with the pivot attack and the first resistance in zone 555

I would palace the stop in zone 508

WHEAT ZWU17 - Sep '17
CROC X1 - Supports / Resistance - Multiday (TF - 1H)

R3 = 559.2
R2 = 558.20
R1 = 555.20
PIVOT = 531.70
S1 = 508.20
S2 = 484.20
S3 = 481.60

CROC X3 - Last Signal (Long Term - TF 1D)
LONG from 470. 40
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