ChartArt ChartArt SPX500, D, Long , 4 days ago
SPX500: S&P 500 target 2350-2400 in the year 2017
179 0 9
SPX500, D Long
S&P 500 target 2350-2400 in the year 2017
The raging bull market extends further into the year 2017, after the "Italy" referendum was shrugged off. There could be another pullback after the FED meeting this month, but after this super bullish market reaction to the situation in Europe (even if manipulated by the ECB) I see the risk of a new crash ...
LifeIsABullTrap LifeIsABullTrap BTCUSD, D, Short , 2 years ago
BTCUSD: Perfect Bubble in the making?
41495 55 200
Perfect Bubble in the making?
This is the result in the drawing of some free hand trajectories. With names like DanV predicting sub 300 prices as well, and with consideration of the last rise to 680. This might just be the perfect bubble in the making. And looking at it from this perspective, really not that far fetched. Taking the ...
Emanance Emanance BTCUSD, D, a year ago
BTCUSD: Phases of a 'Bitcoin' Bubble
3632 7 50
Phases of a 'Bitcoin' Bubble
Everyones probably seen the old 'Phases of a Bubble' template kicking around the web. So I thought I'd give the daily price chart for Bitcoin the 'Phases of a Bubble' treatment.
Pwnzeye Pwnzeye PRO INX, M, 15 days ago
INX: Stock Market Prediction [Important]
28 0 1
Stock Market Prediction [Important]
This bubble is about to pop sooner or later, everyone needs to prepare! Low interest rates for years have created this bubble and it's about to pop so get out of the market and get into gold before it's to late! Use common sense, thanks!
adatherton adatherton PRO DRYS, 15, Short , 22 days ago
DRYS: $DRYS leading $GSL
78 0 2
DRYS, 15 Short
$DRYS leading $GSL
Textbook Rodrigue Bubble on $DRYS, too late to trade, but $GSL appears to be a day behind. Great short. Alerted by @stockwz on Stocktwits, thanks.
ChaoticTrader ChaoticTrader AMZN, D, Short , 24 days ago
AMZN: Deep ITM Put on AMZN
50 0 1
AMZN, D Short
Deep ITM Put on AMZN
It may be too late to jump in on this one, as the risk is about $20/share in option value if it turns against us.However, if you can stomach that kind of risk and have the capital, a .75 Delta ITM Put with 2-3 months of time value could win big. Today's slight rebound allows for an equivalent entry to the closing ...
EmileLetellier EmileLetellier PRO XIV, D, Short , a month ago
29 0 0
XIV, D Short
After the elections, the stock rose back to 40$, the same price it was about a month ago. The stock was denied to go higher and is now going back down. If you look at the RSI, it's making lower highs even though the stock is back up at 40$. The markets rose after Donald Trump's election and that was really weird, i ...
GabrielMellace GabrielMellace SPY, D, Short , 2 months ago
SPY: 2008 patch dying
83243 3 34
SPY, D Short
2008 patch dying
Hi everyone, Last week we saw the fed deciding not to raise rates. Many are saying that this is not important, that 0.25% doesnt make the difference. Lets analyze why it does matter. 1) After 2008, the only way to recapitalize companies was to give free money away, thats why they implemented almost zero-interest ...
Lechango Lechango PRO XMRBTC, D, 2 months ago
XMRBTC: XMR - Monero | Bubble Pop Scenario
705 1 8
XMR - Monero | Bubble Pop Scenario
Demonstrated here, we see Monero's tendency to make 76.4%, 61.8%, and 50% retracements from the tops. After a tremendous rally, this scenario assumes that the move under the 0.0185 BTC level has signaled the end of the rally and the start of a trend reversal. Drawing a fibbonaci retracement from the all time low ...
ChartArt ChartArt SPX500, W, Short , 3 months ago
SPX500: Bubbles everywhere: Current risks to the US stock market rally
610 8 8
SPX500, W Short
Bubbles everywhere: Current risks to the US stock market rally
Pick your poison, I mean your favorite bubble: real estate (Vancouver's housing bubble) student loan debt tech stocks and startup unicorns bonds I just picked some random news articles for each bubble. In case I forgot one major bubble please tell me in the comments. Real estate: Chinese Media Warns Canada's ...
ChartArt ChartArt NEE, W, 3 months ago
NEE: Bubble Watchlist: 7 Energy Companies
56 0 3
Bubble Watchlist: 7 Energy Companies
I found a couple of price correlated energy stocks which look like they are in a massive uptrend (bubble), but the very recent direction is down. Therefore I recommend to watch these stocks the next weeks if they bottom very fast or decline further towards the supporting average trend direction of these rapidly ...
maccabean maccabean NAS100, D, Short , 4 months ago
NAS100: NASDAQ 100 Finally reaches and closes as above all time high
82 0 1
NAS100, D Short
NASDAQ 100 Finally reaches and closes as above all time high
Set back during the .com bubble. Set stocks to underweight. All indicators show market overbought.
maccabean maccabean DTY0, D, Short , 4 months ago
DTY0: Megaphone pattern formed in the DJ Transports
48 0 2
DTY0, D Short
Megaphone pattern formed in the DJ Transports
Looks pretty clear to me that with falling Oil prices, and a bounce off the former upward trending support, we have a megaphone formation appearing in the price. This means that we are likely headed for a target of roughly 7000. Possibly beyond that with a negative catalyst. As a leading indicator for the DJ30, ...
maccabean maccabean VIX, 240, Long , 4 months ago
VIX: VIX hits new low as SPX500 makes new high
83 0 3
VIX, 240 Long
VIX hits new low as SPX500 makes new high
This really, really doesn't make any sense. This low not seen since August 2015. You would think that the US economy is in great shape... Anybody that says there's not a bubble here is deluded. www.alphagenerate.com
maccabean maccabean SPX500, D, Short , 5 months ago
SPX500: What does it all mean?
143 0 4
SPX500, D Short
What does it all mean?
Remember that AUDJPY SPX correlation that was so strong last year? It's completely broken down. When the AUDJPY fell in sync with the stock market that usually signified that there was a market move from risky to safe haven assets. Lately, even though the AUDJPY has fallen and stayed flat, the stock market has ...
gravitational gravitational BTCCNY, 240, Short , 5 months ago
BTCCNY: Bitcoin's new bubble
98 1 0
BTCCNY, 240 Short
Bitcoin's new bubble
Heavily overbought on the false assumption that the "halving" will create a sustainable, higher price.
Silver-Silver Silver-Silver DXY, D, Short , 6 months ago
DXY: King Dollar - Not!
802 1 18
DXY, D Short
King Dollar - Not!
Failed to maintain support, Failed to break resistance (triple top)
dump dump BTCCNY, D, Short , 7 months ago
BTCCNY: Bitcoin attempt to pass the rubicon
355 0 6
Bitcoin attempt to pass the rubicon
The chart shows the most important Bear Trendline since December 2013 bubble. It can be connected on all 3 major chinese exchanges by using a line magnet Recently BTC has built support just above the trendline at around 2880 CNY. Possible top of the trend 3030 CNY. When broken double top on the triangle will be ...
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