Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions you may have about our service. This list will be expanded as we get more frequently asked questions from our users. Feel free to make suggestions through the Feedback system.

How do I get support?

If you have any questions or problems with PRO accounts, please use our Support Community. If you purchased DecisionBar indicators on TradingView, here are the instructions for usage and support.

How do I embed charts into third-party web resources?

Any published chart can be embedded into any web resource (forum, blog or website) through the IFRAME script, which is available when you click the “Share” button.

Forum (PHPBB)

If the forum where you want to post forbids use of IFRAME then you need to contact the forum administrator and ask to add custom BBCode. BBCode is a special implementation of HTML that offers greater control over what and how content is displayed. To learn more about BBCode and how to use it with the PHPBB forum engine follow this link. There is an HTML replacement for BBCode, let’s name it [chart] for simplicity, which looks like this:

BBCode usage:
Html replacement:
<iframe src="{SIMPLETEXT}" width="640" height="400" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Blog (Wordpress)

If the blog where you want to post forbids use of IFRAME then you need to contact the blog administrator and ask to add IFRAME Plugn. To learn more about how to do it with the Wordpress blog engine follow this link.

Can I use TradingView on my iPad?

Our charts fully support iPads, and it’s actually very convenient. Scroll through charts and resize them by sliding your finger along the chart. A single tap moves the cursor to that spot. Pressing and holding for a couple of seconds will bring up the relevant context menu.

What’s a published chart?

Any chart that you work with can be published so others can rate it and comment on it.

Chart will be published as it appears right now and won't receive any further market updates. It's like a screenshot, but stays interactive.

To make a published chart editable, click the Make It Live button, which will open a new real-time chart in a new window. It will, however, preserve all the work you had on the previous chart, making it easy to update.

How are user ratings calculated?

User rating equals count of user's followers.

How are Similar Charts determined?

Similarity of charts is determined by a number of factors including symbol name, timeframe, applied studies and line tools.

How can I provide feedback or contact TradingView?

We use a special service to take care of our feedback, called “GetSatisfaction”. It lets users report problems, request features, and comment on ideas suggested by other users. All support and decisions about improvements are based on this feedback service. Please use our direct contacts for commercial or partnership inquiries only, all support needs to go through the feedback system.

Why do I need to register?

Registration is needed to save your charts, publish them, and leave comments on charts published by others. For your convenience you can register with one click using your existing Facebook, Google, Yahoo or LinkedIn accounts.

Which data from which exchanges does TradingView supply?

We supply intraday real-time data for American stocks (BATS exchange), some index and FOREX. For the following exchanges we provide daily and weekly intervals: NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, TSX, TSX Venture, LSE, Eurex, CBOE, CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX, ICE USA, ICE Canada, ICE Europe, KCBT, MGEX, NYSE LIFFE US.

How about future developments?

Improvement and evolution of the service will depend largely on the feedback from our users. However, we plan to eventually create a complete online trading platform and trading strategies market place.

What does a 50% discount mean?

You can buy 12 months of service for only $179.04. If we divide $179.04 by 12, the monthly cost of ownership is $14.92, which is ~50% cheaper than paying $29/month on a month-to-month basis.

Why don't PRO Plus and Premium users have intraday index and futures data?

Right now the PRO Plus and Premium subscriptions do not include intraday for futures and indexes.

Why is Volume Profile empty on my chart?

Volume Profile only works for symbols that have Volume. Forex and index symbols don't have volumes, because they are not traded on any particular exchange.