Energy CFD quotes

Energy CFDs allow retail traders all around the world to trade crude oil, which is the most liquid and commonly traded commodity. Unlike the futures market, where crude oil is traded the most, the CFD market is much easier to enter as it requires a much smaller trading account. In addition, you can trade energy CFDs without worrying about the expiration dates since there is no physical delivery of the commodity.

Change % 1D
Change 1D
High 1D
Low 1D
Technical Rating 1D
NATGASUSDCFDs on Natural Gas2.2540.45%0.0102.2752.244
UKOILCFDs on Crude Oil (Brent)77.3990.45%0.35077.73577.049
USOILCFDs on Crude Oil (WTI)73.1760.53%0.38673.53472.790