Stocks that have decreased the most in 52 weeks

A 52-week low creates a strong support level, the same way a 52-week high forms a resistance level. The levels are at the opposite sides of the 52-week range. Technical traders and investors often observe this level when trading breakouts. Note that false breakouts happen too and it’s important to analyze the company financials to understand the reasons why the stock has been trading at such low prices.

AEY Addvantage Technologies Group Inc 1.361.49%0.02Sell24.719K13.907M-0.01159.00Technology
ALJJ Alj Regional Holdings Inc 2.31-4.36%-0.11Sell155.412K86.717M8.630.274393.00Basic Materials
AMDA Amedica Corp 2.22-14.62%-0.38Strong Sell80.242K6.709M-1.9335.00Healthcare
AVGR Avinger Inc 1.33-11.33%-0.17Sell464.180K41.947M-87.68197.00Healthcare
BBF Blackrock Municipal Income Investment Trust 13.20-0.23%-0.03Sell82.028K
BKT Blackrock Income Trust Inc (the) 5.77-0.17%-0.01Sell145.345K
BLJ Blackrock New Jersey Municipal Bond Trust 13.780.00%0.00Sell4.838K
BNDC Flexshares Core Select Bond Fund 24.32-0.04%-0.01Strong Sell4.282KFinancials
BOXL Boxlight Corp 5.00-7.41%-0.40Sell1.253K29.042M-0.6543.00Industrials
BPTH Bio-Path Holdings Inc 1.58-1.24%-0.02Strong Sell78.201K179.157M-0.7412.00Healthcare
BSQR Bsquare Corp 4.101.23%0.05Sell42.481K51.681M-0.48183.00Technology
BVNSC Brandes Investment Trust Brandes Value Nextshares 100.040.00%0.0050.000K
BWP Boardwalk Pipeline Partners Lp Common Units 11.10-0.27%-0.03Sell2.402M2.778B9.551.161280.00Energy
BZM Blackrock Maryland Municipal Bond Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Interest 13.280.22%0.03Sell1.205K
CANE Teucrium Sugar Fund Etv 8.80-1.12%-0.10Strong Sell30.949KFinancials
CODX Co-Diagnostics Inc 2.551.19%0.03Sell55.780K31.322M-0.5412.00Healthcare
DARE Dare Bioscience Inc 1.38-1.43%-0.02Strong Sell780.254K8.345M-2.2519.00Healthcare
DBMX Xtrackers Msci Mexico Hedged Equity Etf 19.17-2.08%-0.41Strong Sell490Financials
DFBHU Dfb Healthcare Acquisitions Corp 10.000.00%0.003.758M312.500M2.00Financials
DM Dominion Energy Midstream Partners, Lp Common Units Representing Ltd Partner Interests 25.95-4.95%-1.35Sell2.292M2.581BEnergy
DTRM Determine Inc 1.442.86%0.04Sell25.961K21.450M-0.65148.00Technology
EAGLU Platinum Eagle Acquisition Corp 10.000.00%0.00Sell135.000K375.000M-0.00Financials
EGF Blackrock Enhanced Government Fund Inc 13.030.15%0.02Strong Sell11.363K
ENT Global Eagle Entertainment Inc 1.72-6.01%-0.11Strong Sell1.622M156.125M-3.651500.00Consumer Cyclicals
FAMI Farmmi Inc 6.180.00%0.00105.193K70.452M24.260.25111.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
FFIU Fieldstone Uva Unconstrained Medium-Term Fixed Income Etf 24.42-0.66%-0.16Sell400Financials
FLEH Franklin Ftse Europe Hedged Etf 23.84-1.66%-0.40Sell200Financials
FLIN Franklin Ftse India Etf 23.83-2.01%-0.49839
FLMB Franklin Templeton Etf Trust Franklin Liberty Municipal Bond Etf 24.32-0.37%-0.09Sell15.300KFinancials
FLMI Franklin Templeton Etf Trust Franklin Liberty Intermediate Municipal Opportunities Etf 24.49-0.12%-0.03Neutral15.000KFinancials
FMCI Forum Merger Corp 8.85-6.65%-0.63Strong Sell13.277K382.284MFinancials
FMY First Trust Motgage Income Fund Of Beneficial Interest 13.81-0.29%-0.04Sell3.873K
GBL Gamco Investors Inc 26.120.93%0.24Sell11.837K761.451M10.122.69156.00Financials
GEOS Geospace Technologies Corp 11.60-1.19%-0.14Sell48.179K157.305M-4.15707.00Energy
GUDB Sage Esg Intermediate Credit Etf 48.81-0.42%-0.20Sell10
HCOR Hartford Corporate Bond Etf 50.16-1.28%-0.65Sell294Financials
HYDW Xtrackers Low Beta High Yield Bond Etf 49.12-0.34%-0.17Strong Sell75.000K
HYMB Spdr Nuveen S&p High Yield Municipal Bond Etf 55.25-0.49%-0.27Strong Sell454.924KFinancials
IBDL Ishares Ibonds Dec 2020 Term Corporate Etf 25.12-0.02%-0.01Sell141.562KFinancials
IGEB Ishares Edge Investment Grade Enhanced Bond Etf 49.130.00%0.00Sell1Financials
IHTA Invesco High Income 2024 Target Term Fund Of Beneficial Interest, No Par Value Per Share 9.36-1.16%-0.11Sell9.800K
IPCI Intellipharmaceutics International Inc 0.70-9.32%-0.07Strong Sell966.123K24.507M-0.4352.00Healthcare
JCO Nuveen Credit Opportunities 2022 Target Term Fund Of Beneficial Interest 9.30-0.21%-0.02Strong Sell102.885K
JLS Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 23.870.29%0.07Sell26.295K
JPMB Jpmorgan Usd Emerging Markets Sovereign Bond Etf 48.73-0.20%-0.10602
JRJR Jrjr33 Inc 0.13-9.08%-0.01Strong Sell604.265K6.013M-0.84401.00Consumer Cyclicals
KHC The Kraft Heinz Company 70.80-2.63%-1.91Sell15.009M86.268B21.753.2841000.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
LEVB Level Brands Inc 3.90-2.62%-0.10Sell2.679K29.220M-0.3011.00Consumer Cyclicals
LGC Legacy Acquisition Corp Class A , Par Value $0.0001 Per Share 9.55-0.52%-0.05Sell225.500K370.500MFinancials
LINC Lincoln Educational Services Corp 1.65-2.94%-0.05Strong Sell11.109K40.786M-0.672197.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
LLQD Ishares 10 Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond Etf 48.330.00%0.00Sell0Financials
LWAY Lifeway Foods Inc 7.05-2.35%-0.17Sell44.163K112.971M60.540.12320.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
MGF Mfs Government Markets Income Trust 4.61-0.43%-0.02Sell51.358K
MIN Mfs Intermediate Income Trust 3.930.26%0.01Sell217.154K
MLQD Ishares 5-10 Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond Etf 48.240.00%0.00Strong Sell0Financials
MLSS Milestone Scientific Inc 0.91-0.98%-0.01Strong Sell10.337K30.054M-0.1617.00Healthcare
MMIT Iq Mackay Shields Municipal Intermediate Etf 24.63-1.83%-0.46100Financials
MOSC Mosaic Acquisition Corp Class A Ordinary Shares 9.600.00%0.00Sell158.996K
MOSC.U Mosaic Acquisition Corp 10.000.00%0.00Sell9.100K
MOTS Motus Gi Holdings Inc 4.00-6.98%-0.30164.648K62.292M-0.7536.00Healthcare
NAN Nuveen New York Quality Municipal Income Fund 13.07-0.38%-0.05Sell23.747K
NMI Nuveen Municipal Income Fund Inc 10.940.18%0.02Sell10.776K
NNDM Nano Dimension Ltd - American Depositary Shares 2.30-30.09%-0.99Strong Sell1.308M
NUSA Nushares Enhanced Yield 1-5 Year U.s. Aggregate Bond Etf 24.52-0.18%-0.04Sell1.931KFinancials
OAK Oaktree Capital Group, Llc Class A Units Representing Ltd Liability Company Interests 42.20-0.35%-0.15Sell541.777K6.595B11.673.62900.00Financials
OMFS Oppenheimer Russell 2000 Dynamic Multifactor Etf 24.710.00%0.00Sell0
OQAL Oppenheimer Russell 1000 Quality Factor Etf 24.710.00%0.00Sell50
OYLD Oppenheimer Russell 1000 Yield Factor Etf 24.360.00%0.000
PCQ Pimco California Municipal Income Fund 15.33-0.13%-0.02Strong Sell122.988K
PCRX Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc 30.15-16.48%-5.95Strong Sell3.918M1.223B-1.31503.00Healthcare
PDFS Pdf Solutions Inc 11.66-14.33%-1.95Sell1.065M372.509M-0.04441.00Technology
PI Impinj Inc 11.07-17.57%-2.36Strong Sell5.967M232.009M-0.83245.00Technology
PPDM Portfolio Developed Markets Etf 25.21-0.08%-0.0232.300K
PPEM Portfolio Emerging Markets Etf 25.24-1.21%-0.3133.625K
PPMC Portfolio S&p Mid Cap Etf 25.29-0.20%-0.0532.600K
PPTB Portfolio Total Bond Markets Etf 25.00-0.32%-0.0828.200K
PZC Pimco California Municipal Income Fund Iii Of Beneficial Interest 9.820.20%0.02Sell32.986K
QUMU Qumu Corp 1.80-5.21%-0.10Sell74.732K16.902M-0.94150.00Technology
REXX Rex Energy Corp 0.99-8.33%-0.09Strong Sell536.426K9.836M-13.31104.00Energy
RRTS Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc 3.78-5.50%-0.22Strong Sell342.204K144.926M-9.404645.00Industrials
RWGE Regalwood Global Energy Ltd Class A Ordinary Shares 9.610.10%0.015.300K
SFIG Wisdomtree Fundamental U.s. Short-Term Corporate Bond Fund 48.87-0.39%-0.19Sell700Financials
SHY Ishares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond Etf 83.440.02%0.02Sell728.338KFinancials
SIZ Agfiq U.s. Market Neutral Size Fund 19.25-1.09%-0.21Strong Sell100Financials
SJR Shaw Communications Inc 20.01-2.63%-0.54Strong Sell831.666K9.971B21.411.1814000.00Telecommunications Services
SKOR Flexshares Credit-Scored Us Corporate Bond Index Fund 49.590.38%0.19Sell882Financials
SKYS Sky Solar Holdings Ltd - American Depositary Shares 0.83-5.02%-0.04Strong Sell108.759K43.633M3.370.25164.00Utilities
SMMU Short Term Municipal Bond Active Exchange-Traded Fund 49.70-0.18%-0.09Strong Sell3.167KFinancials
SN Sanchez Energy Corp 3.51-6.40%-0.24Strong Sell5.128M295.293M12.480.280.00Energy
SPNS Sapiens International Corp N.v 9.16-4.28%-0.41Sell107.845K450.813M525.830.021928.00Technology
SUSB Ishares Esg 1-5 Year Usd Corporate Bond Etf 24.680.01%0.00Sell14.044KFinancials
TEGP Tallgrass Energy Gp, Lp Class A Shares 21.63-3.95%-0.89Sell766.842K3.401B-2.22Energy
TMSR Tmsr Holding Company Ltd 9.850.00%0.00Sell525110.308M-0.18Industrials
UPL Ultra Petroleum Corp 4.38-4.58%-0.21Sell4.332M859.999M-0.26166.00Energy
VCV Invesco California Value Municipal Income Trust 11.88-0.50%-0.06Sell119.972K
VFMO Vanguard U.s. Momentum Factor Etf 77.570.22%0.174.509K
WDRW Direxion Daily Regional Banks Bear 3x Shares 23.99-2.95%-0.73Sell600Financials
WEA Western Asset Bond Fund Share Of Beneficial Interest 12.93-0.08%-0.01Sell39.986K
XKST Spdr Kensho Smart Mobility Etf 29.75-2.78%-0.85Strong Sell592Financials
YCS Proshares Ultrashort Yen New 66.840.45%0.30Sell10.167KFinancials
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