Overvalued stocks

Stocks that have significantly increased in price due a large demand are called overbought. This is often the case when there are too many buyers who push the price so high that it can’t be justified by company financials. When sellers start outweighing buyers, the price can change its direction. Another scenario that causes stocks to become overbought is when a company buys back its own stocks. Be careful when buying overvalued stocks as there could be a retracement.

A Agilent Technologies Inc 73.071.22%0.88Buy2.266M23.516B34.882.1313500.00
AADR Advisorshares Dorsey Wright Adr Etf 62.830.38%0.24Buy35.959K
AAL American Airlines Group Inc 58.06-0.48%-0.28Buy3.151M27.782B14.783.95122300.00
AAP Advance Auto Parts Inc Advance Auto Parts Inc W/i 117.021.29%1.49Strong Buy1.170M8.648B24.544.7841000.00
AAXJ Ishares Msci All Country Asia Ex Japan Index Fund 81.321.02%0.82Buy494.112K
ABAX Abaxis Inc 61.160.58%0.35Buy144.591K1.388B51.101.21584.00
ABB Abb Ltd 28.010.11%0.03Buy1.122M61.017B26.721.05132300.00
ABBV Abbvie Inc 104.640.80%0.83Buy4.991M166.806B25.424.1329000.00
ABC Amerisourcebergen Corp 100.06-0.79%-0.80Buy1.371M21.821B61.631.6720000.00
ABCB Ameris Bancorp 53.850.94%0.50Buy173.289K2.005B23.902.281298.00
ABE Aberdeen Emerging Markets Company Oppotunities Fund Inc 15.430.89%0.14Buy10.452K
ABLX Ablynx Nv - American Depositary Shares 41.63-1.70%-0.72Buy188.136K3.143B-0.81389.00
ABMD Abiomed Inc 228.291.06%2.40Buy179.201K10.094B112.312.10908.00
ACFC Atlantic Coast Financial Corp 10.350.98%0.10Buy125.875K160.981M27.680.37174.00
ACIM Spdr Msci Acwi Imi Etf 82.630.69%0.57Buy3.447K
ACN Accenture Plc Class A Ordinary Shares (ireland) 161.750.50%0.81Buy2.247M103.695B28.675.76425000.00
ACSI American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha Etf 32.130.68%0.22Buy603
ACWF Ishares Edge Msci Multifactor Global Etf 32.500.74%0.24Buy63.425K
ACWI Ishares Msci Acwi Index Fund 75.920.48%0.36Buy1.319M
ACWV Ishares Edge Msci Min Vol Global Etf 86.390.35%0.30Strong Buy302.038K
ACWX Ishares Msci Acwi Ex Us Index Fund 52.710.53%0.28Strong Buy497.519K
ADBE Adobe Systems Inc 195.73-0.24%-0.47Buy2.343M96.484B57.823.4315706.00
ADI Analog Devices Inc 96.14-1.13%-1.10Buy2.762M35.441B48.462.0115300.00
ADRA Bldrs Asia 50 Adr Index Fund 37.100.18%0.07Buy2.242K
ADRD Bldrs Developed Markets 100 Adr Index Fund 24.860.44%0.11Buy2.467K
ADRE Bldrs Emerging Markets 50 Adr Index Fund 46.560.45%0.21Buy11.522K
ADRU Bldrs Europe 100 Adr Index Fund 24.110.52%0.12Buy7.267K
ADUS Addus Homecare Corp 39.155.81%2.15Buy25.267K455.101M25.571.552449.00
ADVM Adverum Biotechnologies Inc 4.905.38%0.25Buy879.005K220.703M-1.5061.00
ADX Adams Diversified Equity Fund Inc 15.780.38%0.06Strong Buy194.176K
AEG Aegon N.v 6.930.00%0.00Buy1.316M14.556B6.791.0230000.00
AES The Aes Corp 11.751.91%0.22Buy15.030M7.760B-0.0321000.00
AET Aetna Inc 187.801.25%2.31Buy3.420M61.242B34.745.4549500.00
AFK Vaneck Vectors-Africa Index Etf 26.39-0.24%-0.06Buy6.914K
AFTY Csop Ftse China A50 Etf 19.860.79%0.16Buy6.957K
AGD Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund Shares Of Beneficial Interest 11.310.44%0.05Strong Buy44.156K
AGLE Aeglea Biotherapeutics Inc 6.752.27%0.15Buy115.555K112.349M-1.8345.00
AGT Ishares Msci Argentina And Global Exposure Etf 32.13-0.65%-0.21Buy5.973K
AIA Ishares Asia 50 Etf 71.030.84%0.59Buy58.665K
AIEQ Ai Powered Equity Etf 27.550.92%0.25Strong Buy118.359K
AIMC Altra Industrial Motion Corp 53.353.29%1.70Buy115.798K1.562B37.931.414564.00
AIRG Airgain Inc 10.9410.17%1.01Buy307.625K104.791M63.980.2042.00
ALBO Albireo Pharma Inc 33.0011.98%3.53Buy162.057K293.682M-10.9113.00
ALDR Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc 16.800.60%0.10Strong Buy868.485K1.138B-5.37176.00
ALFA Alphaclone Alternative Alpha Etf 45.530.98%0.44Buy359
ALFI Alphaclone International Etf 26.34-0.00%-0.00Buy101
ALGN Align Technology Inc 269.46-0.46%-1.24Buy1.231M21.605B81.823.366060.00
AMBR Amber Road Inc 8.310.85%0.07Strong Buy130.973K225.690M-0.57677.00
AMCA Ishares Russell 1000 Pure U.s. Revenue Etf 28.080.21%0.06Buy16.001K
AME Ametek Inc 76.981.20%0.91Buy1.650M17.791B32.292.4015700.00
AMGN Amgen Inc 189.280.90%1.69Buy3.652M137.400B17.0911.1519200.00
AMID American Midstream Partners, Lp Common Units Representing Ltd Partner Interests 14.300.00%0.00Buy70.863K753.386M-1.550.00
AMRS Amyris Inc 5.001.83%0.09Buy180.112K215.168M-6.19440.00
AMSWA American Software Inc 13.161.86%0.24Buy110.379K396.811M23.230.60390.00
AMTD Td Ameritrade Holding Corp 55.170.38%0.21Buy2.937M31.294B33.591.6510412.00
AMZN Amazon.com Inc 1294.580.10%1.26Buy4.455M623.822B326.764.05341400.00
ANAB Anaptysbio Inc 114.914.04%4.46Buy385.803K2.676B-1.5149.00
ANET Arista Networks Inc 270.842.13%5.65Buy681.707K19.799B56.245.241500.00
ANGI Angi Homeservices Inc 13.251.07%0.14Buy467.489K6.326B307.850.041567.00
ANIK Anika Therapeutics Inc 59.031.60%0.93Buy43.062K865.484M27.892.18122.00
ANSS Ansys Inc 161.542.02%3.20Buy512.282K13.708B50.873.242800.00
ANTM Anthem Inc 250.060.16%0.41Buy1.523M64.206B22.6111.3253000.00
ANTX Anthem Inc Corporate Units 60.650.17%0.10Buy405.564K64.206B22.6111.3253000.00
AOD Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund 9.870.41%0.04Strong Buy362.620K
AOS A.o. Smith Corp 67.041.71%1.13Buy635.213K11.526B32.932.0615500.00
APC Anadarko Petroleum Corp 58.20-0.15%-0.09Buy6.056M31.845B-3.544500.00
APF Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific Fund Inc 19.180.47%0.09Strong Buy21.025K
APPS Digital Turbine Inc 2.100.00%0.00Buy356.564K139.880M-0.30146.00
APRI Apricus Biosciences Inc 2.650.19%0.01Buy345.845K40.321M-0.9315.00
APTO Aptose Biosciences Inc 3.079.64%0.27Buy1.079M83.859M-0.6621.00
ARA American Renal Associates Holdings Inc 18.690.54%0.10Buy122.307K588.000M-0.074601.00
ARES Ares Management L.p. Common Units Representing Ltd Partner Interests 23.200.87%0.20Buy86.874K4.928B41.210.59925.00
ARGT Global X Msci Argentina Etf 37.51-0.53%-0.20Buy125.058K
ARMK Aramark 45.381.91%0.85Buy1.474M11.120B30.571.53169500.00
ARNC Arconic Inc 30.22-0.43%-0.13Buy4.542M14.546B-2.0541500.00
ARW Arrow Electronics Inc 86.943.34%2.81Buy463.837K7.673B15.305.7518700.00
ARWR Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc 6.299.97%0.57Buy4.723M470.670M-0.4793.00
ASG Liberty All-Star Growth Fund Inc 5.930.53%0.03Buy51.760K
ASHR Xtrackers Harvest Csi 300 China A-Shares Etf 33.761.14%0.38Buy1.601M
ASML Asml Holding N.v. - Ads Represents 1 Ordinary Share 205.521.06%2.16Buy1.123M88.121B34.276.0315615.00
ASND Ascendis Pharma A/s - American Depositary Shares 51.532.57%1.29Buy170.728K1.874B-4.02101.00
ASX Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc 7.221.12%0.08Buy1.051M12.489B15.690.5266711.00
ATHM Autohome Inc American Depositary Shares, Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share 82.570.36%0.30Buy488.593K9.520B36.222.314034.00
ATRA Atara Biotherapeutics Inc 29.507.27%2.00Buy1.241M902.578M-3.4796.00
AVD American Vanguard Corp ($0.10 Par Value) 21.901.15%0.25Buy148.470K652.502M41.270.54395.00
AVDL Avadel Pharmaceuticals Plc - American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Ordinary Share 10.992.81%0.30Buy120.526K436.987M5.711.99165.00
AVT Avnet Inc 43.284.74%1.96Buy1.537M5.234B21.652.0215700.00
AVYA Avaya Holdings Corp 20.49-0.92%-0.19Buy1.004M10.138B-0.438700.00
AXE Anixter International Inc 79.953.16%2.45Buy278.634K2.660B18.674.348900.00
AXJL Wisdomtree Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Total Dividend Fund 73.740.92%0.67Strong Buy5.651K
AXJV Ishares Edge Msci A Min Vol Asia Ex Japan Etf 38.290.68%0.26Strong Buy1.909K
AZO Autozone Inc 793.801.15%9.01Strong Buy306.062K21.713B17.6845.7653070.00
AZPN Aspen Technology Inc 76.671.29%0.98Buy249.369K5.561B35.722.161419.00
AZRE Azure Power Global Ltd Equity Shares 16.50-0.24%-0.04Strong Buy10.582K429.022M-1.08401.00
AZUL Azul S.a. American Depositary Shares (each Representing Three Preferred Shares) 26.890.71%0.19Buy768.574K2.877B169.830.1610311.00
BA Boeing Company (the) 337.73-0.71%-2.43Buy7.264M201.145B31.0711.01150500.00
BAC Bank Of America Corp 31.720.76%0.24Strong Buy66.491M330.859B20.631.64210000.00
BAK Braskem Sa Adr 32.016.77%2.03Strong Buy856.280K12.526B35.430.918126.00
BAP Credicorp Ltd 229.990.74%1.70Strong Buy213.587K18.300B14.9515.3533467.00
BAX Baxter International Inc 70.011.17%0.81Buy3.530M38.144B37.751.8948000.00
BBD Banco Bradesco Sa American Depositary Shares 11.581.49%0.17Strong Buy5.923M68.915B12.550.93108793.00
BBL Bhp Billiton Plc Sponsored Adr 44.680.59%0.26Buy1.103M126.179B20.242.2126146.00
BBRC Columbia Beyond Brics Etf 19.830.04%0.01Buy3.605K
BBSI Barrett Business Services Inc 71.224.31%2.94Strong Buy60.909K519.932M24.003.12115746.00
BBT Bb&t Corp 54.801.22%0.66Buy5.763M43.233B19.992.7837500.00
BBU Brookfield Business Partners L.p. Ltd Partnership Units 38.503.19%1.19Buy44.452K4.897B112.430.4220400.00
BBVA Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.a 9.100.11%0.01Buy2.239M60.296B12.350.74132019.00
BBY Best Buy Co Inc 76.862.91%2.17Buy3.446M22.468B19.474.03125000.00
BCBP Bcb Bancorp Inc (nj) 15.700.32%0.05Buy22.581K235.998M17.450.91353.00
BDX Becton, Dickinson And Company 234.511.03%2.39Buy1.469M53.798B50.414.7741900.00
BEMO Aptus Behavioral Momentum Etf 32.440.75%0.24Buy11.946K
BERN Bernstein U.s. Research Fund 28.550.16%0.04Buy615
BETR Amplify Snack Brands Inc 12.080.25%0.03Buy785.583K927.091M99.490.12550.00
BFAM Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc 97.511.38%1.33Buy165.154K5.784B48.132.0731200.00
BFOR Barron's 400 43.780.94%0.41Buy14.019K
BG Bunge Ltd 77.5611.37%7.92Strong Buy4.702M10.906B23.753.2732000.00
BGC General Cable Corp 29.750.51%0.15Buy991.525K1.486B-3.5510000.00
BHP Bhp Billiton Ltd 49.650.65%0.32Buy1.225M126.179B22.492.2126146.00
BIBL Inspire 100 Etf 27.280.26%0.07Buy1.894K
BICK First Trust Bick Index Fund 32.410.68%0.22Strong Buy11.878K
BIF Boulder Growth & Income Fund Inc 11.590.26%0.03Buy102.533K
BIG Big Lots Inc 61.183.41%2.02Buy1.079M2.572B15.613.9811200.00
BIVV Bioverativ Inc 64.112.17%1.36Buy829.198K6.937B15.664.10350.00
BJK Vaneck Vectors Gaming Etf 48.650.77%0.37Buy38.193K
BKF Ishares Msci Bric Index Fund 48.971.24%0.60Buy43.255K
BKI Black Knight Inc 51.801.07%0.55Buy177.630K7.950B53.790.97
BKU Bankunited Inc 42.951.30%0.55Buy639.449K4.588B18.062.391622.00
BLES Inspire Global Hope Etf 29.780.52%0.16Strong Buy9.745K
BLK Blackrock Inc 590.261.91%11.04Buy591.655K94.638B19.4830.7013700.00
BMO Bank Of Montreal 83.510.01%0.01Buy338.899K54.021B13.197.9545000.00
BNSO Bonso Electronics International Inc 3.505.38%0.18Buy105.806K17.371M6.680.541127.00
BOFI Bofi Holding Inc 32.460.93%0.30Buy592.436K2.066B15.522.11681.00
BORN China New Borun Corp American Depositary Shares 1.511.34%0.02Buy66.819K38.957M3.160.481198.00
BOTZ Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Etf 27.261.26%0.34Strong Buy2.883M
BPL Buckeye Partners L.p 55.021.34%0.73Buy639.688K8.068B16.863.281590.00
BR Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc 95.930.84%0.80Buy289.335K11.181B33.532.9210000.00
BRGL Bernstein Global Research Fund 26.990.26%0.07Buy552
BRK.A Berkshire Hathaway Inc 320238.000.07%238.00Buy435526.401B28.2011356.59367700.00
BRK.B Berkshire Hathaway Inc New 213.250.03%0.06Buy5.140M526.401B28.2011356.59367700.00
BRKS Brooks Automation Inc 28.824.76%1.31Strong Buy1.131M2.030B32.440.901661.00
BRPAU Big Rock Partners 10.482.24%0.23Buy41.894K82.478M3.00
BRT Brt Apartments Corp (md) 13.430.90%0.12Buy43.696K188.321M13.740.9812.00
BRZU Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 3x Shares 53.103.47%1.78Strong Buy386.904K
BSAC Banco Santander - Chile Ads 34.14-1.13%-0.39Buy318.382K16.220B18.071.8811068.00
BST Blackrock Science And Technology Trust Of Beneficial Interest 29.230.14%0.04Strong Buy239.269K
BUY Uscf Summerhaven Shpei Index Fund 26.130.61%0.16Buy1.200K
BUZ Buzz Us Sentiment Leaders Etf 34.330.93%0.32Buy1.897K
BVAL Brand Value Etf 16.410.52%0.08Strong Buy100
BVXV Biondvax Pharmaceuticals Ltd - American Depositary Shares 6.6610.82%0.65Buy44.388K37.758M-0.1517.00
BWLD Buffalo Wild Wings Inc 156.800.03%0.05Buy454.877K2.432B40.883.853400.00
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