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XRP Healthcare Enters Dubai, Partners Burnratty Investment Group for IPO

Key points:
  • XRP Healthcare expands into the thriving healthcare markets of Dubai.
  • Their move aligns with the region’s progressive approach to blockchain and crypto.
  • A strategic partnership with The Burnratty Investment Group positions the company for a potential IPO.

The XRP Healthcare (XRPH) team has announced a significant expansion of its operations into the healthcare markets of Dubai and the broader Middle East. The team communicated this development in a statement on Monday. It noted that the strategic move reflects the growing interest and adoption of blockchain technology in the region.

Laban Roomes, XRPH’s Business Development Officer, cited that the Middle East’s enthusiasm for innovation, blockchain, and crypto aligns with its long-term vision. He highlighted that XRP Healthcare is dedicated to building a functional and real-world utility business within the private healthcare sector. Roomes remarked: 

Our move into the Middle East positions us for accelerated growth and consolidates our presence in Africa and worldwide.

For context, XRP Healthcare is a pioneering pharmaceutical and healthcare platform built on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). While it started in Africa, it has now expanded into the Middle East.

The team sees the Middle East as a promising region for innovation due to its progressive stance on blockchain and crypto regulations. Besides, the report contrasted the region’s favorable crypto stance to other jurisdictions like the United Kingdom. 

Similarly, founder Kain Roomes expressed excitement about the expansion. He noted that it represents a significant step in XRPH’s journey. According to him, the Middle East’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to fostering innovation align perfectly with XRP Healthcare’s vision of a healthier world.

Emphatically, the XRPH team aims to tap into the untapped potential of blockchain technology in healthcare, ultimately benefiting consumers, investors, and the medical sector.

Meanwhile, in addition to this expansion, XRP Healthcare has formed a strategic partnership with The Burnratty Investment Group, a specialist in mergers and acquisitions within the African healthcare sector. According to the report, this alliance positions the company for a potential Initial Public Offering (IPO).