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XRP’s Price Predicted To Surpass Its All-Time High To Reach $7

Key points:
  • In one of his latest posts, EGRAG CRYPTO predicted that XRP could be on track to reach $7.
  • The altcoin has already exceeded the analyst’s first target by more than 9%.
  • At press time, XRP was worth about $0.5251 after its price increased by 1.61% in the past 24 hours of trading.

The cryptocurrency analyst EGRAG CRYPTO, shared in an X post earlier today that there could be a huge price pump on Ripple’s (XRP) horizon. In his post, the analyst predicted that the remittance token could see its price surge to as high as $7.


#XRP Midterm Targets(0.85c-$1-$5.5-$6.4) UPDATE:

For more details, check out the post dated back on May 22, 2023 for better understanding of the chart []

What's happening right now is merely a retest of the breakout; the true pump is still on the…

Oct 23, 2023

In an earlier post made on May 22 of this year, the analyst stated that XRP breaching $0.85 – $1 could be the start of the altcoin’s rally. Months later, in June, XRP’s price pumped to just over $0.93, which marked a 9.41% gain from the analyst’s initial $0.85 target.


#XRP Mid-Term Target (0.85c – $1 – $5.5 – $6.4):

The 'Final Wake Up Line' is gauging the next #XRP breakout. Once #XRP breaks it and retest it without breaking Fib 0.236 (0.45c) on the Weekly Time frame then I can say with high degree of certainty that Fib 1.618 ($5.5 – $6.4)…

May 22, 2023

Also included in EGRAG CRYPTO’s post in May were targets for XRP once it enters its predicted rally. The $0.85 – $1 level would be the fist barrier for XRP to conquer. Following this, the analyst believed XRP will then target $5.5 and then $6.4.

As the analyst’s $0.85 prediction was exceeded by 9.41%, he believes the same will happen to the next two targets. In the latest post, his next two targets for XRP of $5.5 and $6.4 have been adjusted to $6 and $7 respectively.

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At press time, CoinMarketCap indicated that XRP was trading at $0.5251 after its price managed a 1.61% increase over the past 24 hours of trading. Additionally, the altcoin’s 24 hour trading volume rose by just over 6%, which left it standing at $777,102,668.

Although XRP’s price was able to climb by about 2.76% in the past month, the token still only managed to set a high price of $0.5455 over this time. This meant that EGRAG CRYPTO’s next target for XRP is still very far off in the distance.

In fact, the analyst predicted that XRP could soon target a price point far higher than its all-time high (ATH) of $3.84 which it reached in January of 2018. In order for the remittance token to just surpass its ATH, it will have to climb by more than 86%.