study annotation

Every indicator [1] script must contain at least one call of the annotation function study which has the following signature:

study(title, shorttitle, overlay, precision)

The given function determines the characteristics of all indicators as a whole. Only title is a necessary argument which sets the name of the indicator. This name will be used in the Indicators’ dialogue.

shorttitle is the short name of an indicator displayed in the chart’s legend. If it has not been specified, then it will use the title value.

overlay is a logical type of argument. If it is true then the study will be added as an overlay on top of the main series. If it is false then it will be added on a separate chart pane; false is the default setting.

precision is a number of digits after the floating point for study values on the price axis. Must be a non negative integer. Precision 0 has special rules for formatting very large numbers (like volume, e.g. “5183” will be formatted as “5K”). Default value is 4.


[1]There is also a similar strategy annotation which is used to create a backtesting strategy rather than an indicator.
Options v: v3