Release notes

This page contains release notes of notable changes in Pine Script v4.

July-August 2019

New variables added:

  • timeframe.isseconds returns true when current resolution is in seconds
  • timeframe.isminutes returns true when current resolution is in minutes
  • time_close returns the current bar’s close time

The behavior of some functions, variables and operators has changed:

  • The time variable returns the correct open time of the bar for more special cases than before

  • An optional seconds parameter of the timestamp function allows you to set the time to within seconds

  • security function:

    • Added the possibility of requesting resolutions in seconds:

      1, 5, 15, 30 seconds (chart resolution should be less than or equal to the requested resolution)

    • Reduced the maximum value that can be requested in some of the other resolutions:

      from 1 to 1440 minutes

      from 1 to 365 days

      from 1 to 52 weeks

      from 1 to 12 months

  • Changes to the evaluation of ternary operator branches:

    In Pine v3, during the execution of a ternary operator, both its branches are calculated, so when this script is added to the chart, a long position is opened, even if the long() function is not called:

    strategy(title = "My Strategy")
    long() =>
        strategy.entry("long", true, 1, when = open > high[1])
    c = 0
    c := true ? 1 : long()

    Pine v4 contains built-in functions with side effects ( and ). If calls to these functions are present in both branches of a ternary operator, both function calls would be executed following v3 conventions. Thus, in Pine v4, only the branch corresponding to the evaluated condition is calculated. While this provides a viable solution in some cases, it will modify the behavior of scripts which depended on the fact that both branches of a ternary were evaluated. The solution is to pre-evaluate expressions prior to the ternary operator. The conversion utility takes this requirement into account when converting scripts from v3 to v4, so that script behavior will be identical in v3 and v4.

June 2019

  • Support for drawing objects. Added label and line drawings
  • var keyword for one time variable initialization
  • Type system improvements:
    • series string data type
    • functions for explicit type casting
    • syntax for explicit variable type declaration
    • new input type forms
  • Renaming of built-ins and a version 3 to 4 converter utility
  • max_bars_back function to control series variables internal history buffer sizes
  • Pine Script documentation versioning
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