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Hi, this is my interpretation of the SMS indicator, optimised for Lower Time Frame Trading - previously coded by myself (see profile) and u/SandRocks99 - These versions can be found by searching for TradingView indicators with the title:

"SMS Indicator"

I would recommend checking these indicators out first, and joining the 'SMS Indicator Group' Telegram.

To keep things simple for testing ,and so users can get the hang of what is going on, I've removed a lot of the input settings to show how the strategy performs on default settings.

I would recommend only trading Crypto against USD pairs, as TradingView has some issues calculating performance against BTC or other Crypto pairs.

Performance on all USD pairs on ByBit seems to be promising.

If anyone feels like they can improve the performance, or has any ideas or aspirations for automating this strategy, please PM me.

Any issues, comment or let me know personally.

Thanks a lot.
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