Sonarlab - Multi-TimeFrame Support and Resistance

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This script will show you multi timeframe support and resistance levels to make it easier for you to spot the key levels. It works on every pair and of course each timeframe.

What are supports and resistances?
Supports and resistances are often called “key levels”. They are price levels at which the stock price has inverted its trend. If the price rises and then inverts its trend moving down, the highest point it has reached is called resistance. If the price has gone down and then starts rising, the lowest price value is called support.

These price levels identify supply and demand zones, at which traders have increased their operation volume and have shown some interest. That’s why, as soon as the price gets closer to a key level, traders must keep their eyes open and see what happens.

Release Notes:
Updated to PineScript v5

Added ability to hide and show certain timeframes

Added color options

Added more customisation with the levels
Release Notes:
Minor bugs fixed
Release Notes:
Minor Changes
Release Notes:
Version 1.0.3
- Fixed the bug with the 30m timeframe not showing
- Added Support and Resistance for the 15m and 5m timeframes
- Added a line width option
- Minor changes and optimization
Release Notes:
- Fixed labels grouping up at 0

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